Ashes is the fourth cutscene that takes place in Entry Point. It occurs on June 21st, 2014.


The Freelancer is at a beach in San Diego where they were supposed to meet Rose, however she tells them last-second that they couldn't make it. However this turns out to have been a lure, as Jackdaw holds up the Freelancer with a gun after they end their call. Jackdaw tells them to relay a message to The Director, that he hasn't forgotten and that Phoenix is coming. He also advises the Freelancer to leave Halcyon while they can.


[Scene: A beach in San Diego. The Freelancer is talking with Rose on the phone.]

Freelancer: Hey I'm here. You on the way?
Rose: No, sorry, I can't make it
They called me back to T.O.
Freelancer: Aw. You were supposed to give me the tour though
Rose: Yeah, I'm sure you'll have trouble finding another tour guide in San Diego
Freelancer: That's not my point
Rose: Yeah, I know... listen we'll do it next time
You know we'll be back in California eventually
Freelancer: Fair enough. I should get going
Rose: Okay just... stay safe, alright?
Freelancer: No promises
I'll see you later
Rose: Goodbye

[A gun cocks behind the head of the Freelancer.]

Jackdaw: Twitch and you're dead
Don't think we've met. I'm Jackdaw
Freelancer: Look, I'm busy today
If you're here to kill me, can we reschedule?
Jackdaw: Not here to kill you today
Just need you to get a message to The Director for me
Tell him I haven't forgotten
Tell him Phoenix is coming
Freelancer: Is that all? Why not tell him yourself
I'm sure he'd love to hear from you
Jackdaw: You know I used to be like you
Followed every order. Did all The Director's dirty work
Freelancer: What's your point?
Jackdaw: They gave me a bullet for my service
So take some friendly advice, kid
Get out while you're still breathing

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