Badges are a Roblox feature and are obtained by fulfilling certain requirements. They serve a similar purpose to achievements in games outside of Roblox. As a result, it is not uncommon for players to intentionally seek out as many badges as possible. Currently, there are 33 badges in Entry Point and 2 removed badges.


The Black Dawn


"Create your first operative and join the ranks of Halcyon"

Сreate a character and complete The Freelancer (Mission) to obtain this badge.

Road To Revenge


"Meet Rose"

Watch Rose (Cutscene) to obtain this badge.

New Look


"Unlock a limited set of shades as part of an event"

Unlock any set of shades as a reward from any event to obtain this badge.

Mission badges


Every mission has 3 tiers of badges that can be unlocked. The copper badge is rewarded for completing the mission in any way on Rookie. The silver badge is rewarded for completing the mission without raising the alarm on difficulties operative and above. The gold badge is rewarded for completing the mission without raising the alarm and without killing anybody on legend difficulty.

Black Dusk and Ironman Mode are exceptions to the stealth/no kills requirements, requiring the player to only complete the missions on Operative and Legend mode to unlock their silver and gold badges.

Obtaining every golden badge for both the missions and Ironman will award you the Gold Aegis Mask.

The Blacksite:

  • High Stakes High Altitude
  • Steel Cove Silence
  • The Last Frontier

The Financier:

  • Justified Paranoia
  • Let's Not Get Shot Tonight
  • Capital Of The World

The Deposit:

  • You Can't Hide From Halcyon
  • Not The Day To Make Mistakes
  • Taking The Queen City

The Lakehouse:

  • Crossfire Cove
  • Time Crunch
  • Black Stone Beaches

The Withdrawal:

  • The Job You've Been Given
  • Are You Waiting For Applause?
  • Heisting The Golden City

The Scientist:

  • Breach and Clear
  • Not Completely Hopeless
  • Torching The Forest City


  • Primary Target
  • Professional Agent
  • Ringing the 416

Black Dusk:

  • Demolition Squad
  • Black Stone Bunker
  • Striking The Heartland Province

The Killhouse:

  • Door Breaching 101
  • Infiltration Tactics
  • Give Me a Real Mission


  • Dawn To Dusk
  • Paved In Ruin
  • Phoenix Rising

Removed badges

Halcyon Files


"Find the key to The Lock. Each mission has one key."

Use The Lock to unlock any Halcyon file.



"Claim five different keys. The Freefall Softworks logo indicates that a cipher or puzzle is nearby"

Unlock 5 different Halcyon files.

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