"Today, we're finishing Rose's work, the only way she would approve of. We're raining fire down on Halcyon."
― Loud briefing

Black Dusk is the last mission in Entry Point and its release marked the end of the game's development, until the Freelance Heists were announced on August 15th, 2020. It was released on May 9th, 2020 with every difficulty.


Phoenix is carrying out a massive coordinated raid on Halcyon, and the Freelancer is sent to attack one of their bunkers. They have to infiltrate the facility and plant the timed bombs before they go off.


The mission is an underground bunker consisting of multiple sections, floors and many different rooms. The map has 3 sections: Operations, Workshop and Development. There is also a central area which connects them. Many rooms and hallways are blocked off by special lockdown doors. They can only be opened from one side, however one random door is open for the Operations and Development sections in each round.

The spawn is in an elevator which connects to the main entrance section. In the center there is a staff area, a small shooting range, multiple hallways leading to the other sections and a security room on the upper floor. Below the entrance there is a storage area with various equipment, however the main entrance gate which leads to it has to be opened from the other side first.

The Operations section is located left of the spawn. This section can be accessed through the main checkpoint gate or through one of the various lockdown doors. A random one will be open, the others have to be opened from the inside. It is filled with various rooms for operatives including a bunk room, an armory, a shooting range and a special Operations room filled with 5 Elite Operatives. The two bombs have to be planted in a room which is connected to the Operations room.

The Workshop section is located on the opposite side of the spawn. It can be accessed through one of the two gates or through the lockdown door which the Research Coordinator opens. It contains an open area with work stations and workshop equipment. At the left side there is a vault and an administration area above it which has restricted access. The two bombs have to be planted in the vault.

The Development section is located right of the spawn. It is smaller than the other sections and contains a server room, tables with computers and some hallways connecting it to other sections. The area is very busy with NPCs and it is connected to the workshop through a big gate. The two bombs have to be planted in the server room.

The top of the whole map is covered by vents which grants you access to various locations such as the server room, the administration area above the vault or the security checkpoints. The vents can be only be accessed from 5 different locations: 3 doors in the center of the map, a door at the back of the Operations section and another door next to the staircase right of spawn. The vents allow you to navigate the map without encountering NPCs, however most vent exits require you to slowly break bars with a blowtorch to access them.


There are 4 different NPCs in the mission: Base Security, Elite Operatives, Programmers and Workshop Tech. Base Security are guards which roam the whole map. They serve as the main security in the mission and their disguise gives you access to most of the map. In addition guards cannot get radios in this mission, and will instead raise the alarm via various panic buttons scattered around the map.

Elite Operatives are special guards which only roam the Workshop and Development areas. A few of them are also in a special room in the Operations section. They have higher detection than Base Security and their disguise gives you access to every area, however you also get detected faster. The Research Coordinator encountered during stealth is a regular Elite Operative, however they are scripted to open up the lockdown door next to the shooting range. Unlike most operative variant guards, they can be hostaged.

Workshop Tech and Programmers are both civilians which roam the Workshop, Development and central sections. They can be interrogated to complete certain objectives and their disguise only has access to certain areas.

Mission Progression

Black Dusk has a unique feature where you can choose what plan you want to do at the beginning of the mission. A voting popup will appear where you can either "Keep it Quiet" (Stealth) or "Make it Loud" (Loud). If there are multiple players in the lobby then they have 15 seconds to vote on the method, if it is a tie it will default to stealth.

If stealth is chosen then the loud method can also be completed once the alarm goes off. The main objective of both loud and stealth is to plant the 8 bombs, however the ways to complete them differ quite a bit between the two methods. Both loud and stealth also have a timer, which is 20 minutes on Rookie to Elite and 15 minutes on Legend. If this timer counts down to 00:00, the mission will fail.


In stealth the main objective is to plant 2 bombs in each of the 3 different sectors. Getting access to the bomb plant locations can all be done seperately, however there are advantages to getting certain ones first. You start off without any equipment, your gear, weapons, bag and the bombs are in a ventilation shaft at the center of the map. When first entering the entrance area, a guard will greet you and escort you to the shooting range. There you can wait for the Research Coordinator who will come shortly, however they are an Elite Operative who will detect you even with your starting disguise.

The Operations section bombs have to be planted in the room adjacent to the one filled with Elite Operatives. The room can be accessed by either unlocking the chip reader when wearing an Elite Operative disguise and sneaking past the operatives, or by drilling the back door with a Silent Drill and PrecisionDrilling.png Precision Drilling. The chip reader can also be bypassed by an Engineer and the operatives can be shot with a silenced weapon, giving you free access to the two restricted rooms.

The Workshop section bombs have to be planted inside the vault. The vault has to be opened with a keycard and code, both of which can be obtained in two different ways. Interrogating any workshop tech will reveal the two techs which hold a keycard and know the code. Hostaging and interrogating one of them will give you the vault card and code. Alternatively you can also hack the PC in the Elite Operatives room as a Hacker. It takes 5 minutes (affected by Speedhack perks) for the hack to complete. The code is obtained once the hack is finished, and the card is next to the PC on the table.

The Development section bombs have to be planted in the server room. The server room is locked off and the upper door can only be opened with a High Security keycard, while the lower door is one way only. The keycard is carried by the Lead Programmer, who can be found by either interrogating a Programmer or finding files around the map. One file is in the Development section and another in the Workshop section, reading both of them will reveal who the Lead Programmer is. The second file you searched will give the Intel, no matter the order you found it. Alternatively you can also go through the vents by breaking the bars that lead to the Development section with a blowtorch and dropping down into the server room.

After the 6 bombs have been planted, the last 2 have to be planted at the pillars of the walkway overseeing the entrance section. These can easily seen by the guards unlike the other locations, so these should be planted carefully. Once all bombs have been placed you can extract at the elevator.


Loud has almost the same objective as stealth, but the mission starts off as loud and you spawn in with all your equipment and armor. The bombs are located at the elevator so they do not have to be recovered first. The whole bunker goes into lockdown and reaching most locations require you to hack, burn or torch yourself through multiple obstacles. Setting off the alarm during stealth is the same as starting off in loud, however all gates close and lockdown doors are locked for 1 minute.

At the beginning of the mission you have to survive 1 minute until the entrance gate opens up, but the gate opening can be halted by enemies or alternatively you can try to boost one of your teammates into the left window by jumping on the crate. Once it is open there are many different paths one can take to complete the objectives. The main way of accessing the 3 sections is through their main gates. During loud all gates are locked and they have to be unlocked in the security center in the middle of the map. However only one gate can be unlocked at a time. When a gate is unlocked, you can interact with the panel next to it which will open it after 1 minute, similar to the gate at the entrance.

In the Operations section the bomb spots can easily be reached with breaching equipment. There is an armory with the diamond drill and a lot of useful equipment including weapons, explosives, armor and first aid kits. Alternatively the Operations section can also be reached by either using the thermite found in the storage areas to burn through the floor at the top of the long stairs, or breaking the bars in the vents with a blowtorch and entering through there.

The Workshop section requires you to get into the vault, which can either be done by placing the diamond drill, which will take 2 minutes, or placing thermite on the floor above it. The section itself can also be reached by placing thermite at the gate or breaking bars in the vent to enter it through there.

The Development section requires you to get into the server room, which can be breached. Alternatively the section can also be reached by opening a vent cover above one of the security checkpoints, or by burning through the vent floor with thermite.

Once all 6 bombs have been placed in the three sections, you can place the final 2 at the walkway above the entrance area. The elevator will close and the game will prompt you to exfiltrate. However once you reach it the objective will fail. After a short pause the elevator will open up and you will have to defeat the Onyx Unit, which is a soldier with a powerful minigun. Once they are defeated the mission will automatically end after some short dialogue.


Dusk Countdown - 20:00 (15:00 on Legend)

  • Reach and recover the ordnance (Stealth)
  • Plant the bombs
  • Exfiltrate
  • Deal with the complication (Loud)

Intel: Lead Programmer

  • The lead programmer has the server access card

Intel: Prototype Vault

  • Find a card and code for the vault
  • OR use the diamond drill to crack it

Intel: Prototype Vault (Loud)

  • Use the diamond drill to crack the vault - 2:00

Intel: Lockdown Protocol (Loud)

  • Lockdown can only be lifted from the security center
  • Only one sector can open at a time


  • Exfiltrate (This objective fails in loud)
  • Deal with the complication (Loud)


Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
Base Security 12 12 12 12 12
Base Security (Entrance Escort) 1 1 1 1 1
Base Security (Security Center) 3 3 3 3 3
Base Security (Gates) 3 3 3 3 3
Elite Operatives 3 3 3 3 3
Elite Operatives (Operations room) 5 5 5 5 5
Programmers 6 6 6 6 6
Workshop Tech 5 6 6 6 7


Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
XP 10,000 15,000 20,000 26,000 35,000
Bonus XP (No alarms) 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,200 7,000
Contract $3,000 $4,000 $5,000 $7,500 $10,000


  • Demolition Squad - Complete "Black Dusk"
  • Black Stone Bunker - Complete "Black Dusk" on Operative or above
  • Striking The Heartland Province - Complete "Black Dusk" on Legend
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