MeteorImpact5 MeteorImpact5 2 days ago

I found the Onyx Unit on the hangout game (non-imporant)

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Grandiloquentcy Grandiloquentcy 4 days ago

How to blacsite

Today I talk about the easiest way to beat blacksite stealth with a full squad

  1. Make sure to bring a microcam and a powerful unsuppressed gun (suppressed guns do less damage, duh)
  2. Drop your bag in the starting crate and go over to that one shelf by the forklift.
  3. You or one of your teammates should place a microcam on that shelf.
  4. Watch the microcam until there is only one guard or else you might get caught.
  5. Take out your most powerful gun and shoot the guard. Make sure you are using the most powerful gun you could find as sometimes the guard will be wearing aegis armor (16.754% chance) and they might not die.
  6. Take the guard's disguise and go up to the balcony area.
  7. Occasionally the game will bug and the alarm will get raised. In this scenario find …
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Tim123467 Tim123467 5 days ago

Entry Point Timeline

I got bored and decided to make a timeline for the game's story. This will be like the timeline in the Story page but with more times and less detail for each event.

July 4th, 1987: Halcyon founded by 6 original directors (The Director at the time was 31)

December 29th, 1987: First operation by Halcyon in the US

March 6th, 1989: Halcyon expands overseas

Sometime in 1994: Halcyon notices Jackdaw and soon recruits him (at 26 or 27 years old).

September 1999: Wren goes missing (at 17 or 18 years old); soon, the Boston Four starts operating

February 2004: Most of the Boston Four dies in a police ambush; Halcyon recruits Wren (at 22 years old)

July 1st, 2004: Halcyon recruits Rose (at 18 years old)

August 15th, 2004: First director of Halcyon dies

June …

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ETRG stryker ETRG stryker 6 days ago

Unit suggestion

Medic: Spawn:prof+ health:pro 165 op 170 elite 195 legend 215 armor:raider frontline on elite+ weapons:S97 and 480 MCS. Special: They drop a med kit and the amount varies from difficituly, They can heal themselves and enemies in there radius. They don't spawn in Lake house black site and black dusk. They spawn with aegis units

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 8 days ago

The Challenger 650 Flight

[Eva waiting outside of the plane waiting for the others]

Eva:They should be here any minute

[Flashback with Caboose in Newport,Rhode Island]

Caboose:You know why i called you here


Caboose:A friend of mine will be here soon,he's gonna retrieve a package in Portland

Eva:Does that mean i'll have to escort?

Caboose:He's coming from Puerto Rico because he was on holidays


[Flashback ends]

[Eva's phone rings,Eva pick up the phone from the pocket,she awnser the call]


???:Hello again Getts

Eva:Who is this!?How did you know my surname!?

???:Don't worry about this,you can call me Mr.Zero

Eva:And my other question?

Mr. Zero:Oh about that one

[The dark figure of Mr. Zero using SWAT Sniper watching Eva]

Mr. Zero:I have more information…

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Stupified8900 Stupified8900 12 days ago


Due to the F57 being one of the most if not the most popular loud weapons, it is the first one I am doing a guide on. I hope to do a guide on at least the CH-A and CBR-C (if you haven't noticed, these take a long time). Every other weapon is not used too often and the Thumper is more of a tool than weapon. I will not be doing a guide on the Sawblade because the F57 is generally better, making it obsolete. This guide assumes the player is playing missions on the Legend difficulty. Some if not all of this information can be found elsewhere on this wiki, but it is condensed here for easier reading.

  • 1 Ammunition
    • 1.1 Equation
      • 1.1.1 Explanation:
    • 1.2 Amount of Ammo for Every Perk
  • 2 Damage
    • 2.1 Equation
      • 2.1.1 Explanation:
    • 2.2 How To Use Damage Stats
      • 2.2.1 Body Multip…

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Stupified8900 Stupified8900 12 days ago


Every character starts out with 100 base health and any character starting with the Combat Mastery perk will have 140 base health. Vitality adds an additional 5% health to your character. Because there are 20 total Vitality perks, your character will have 200 health at most or 240 if you're a Mercenary or any of its sub-classes (5% of 100 is 5. 20 times 5 is 100 extra health). This also shows that Vitality does not also add an additional 2 health for the 40 health boost that Mercenaries receive. This makes calculating your total health even simpler than it already was because we can now use the same formula for calculating max health.

Take your 100 base health then add 5 health for every vitality you have. If you are a Mercenary add 40 heal…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 12 days ago

Announcement about the Phases

Hello everybody and before you read this blog,grab something to eat,get a drink and take a seat.

If you don't know about the Phases,the Phases are my new project on EP,i was going to begin the construction on day 8 of this month but in my blog "Giving Bad News" i explained what happend with my pc,if you want to read it is optional,so about the Phases,they will be constructions for my characters,yes houses and apartments will be there,yes it means a lot of things will be added inside those constructions,and also i never find the guns models to have something with my story lore,yes some things will mean something about my characters and their lifes,yes it means all of you will know who is Death,i mean the Operative

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Stupified8900 Stupified8900 12 days ago

Thing about Perks

Vitality: User blog:Stupified8900/Vitality

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Heist idea: The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier is a mission that is from an alternate timeline. It is a timeline where Phoenix never existed, Jackdaw was dead, and Rose is still part of Halcyon. This mission is for you to get intel on a gun company in Alaska. They have been selling guns, but reports have said that some Halcyon operatives have died when buying guns from them. You need to figure out whats going on.


Boss: They are a criminal, but no one knows that. He makes the guns since he used to work in a gun shop. He has also taught some other people how to make guns. But the way he makes them looks a little off. He has a blue tie and will always have charmer hair. He wields a special, custom Raven. (The raven is painted red and has Matte colored sights.)


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0kcartnogard 0kcartnogard 13 days ago

The Interception HEIST IDEA Work in Progress

The Interception | HEIST IDEA | Work in Progress

The setting takes place on a Private Yacht off the Coast of Florida. The Yacht is portrayed as a vacation place for the Roy Family, visited every summer by them, but it is secretly a ploy by Duncan Roy (Father), who is keeping a folder of documents that contain the names of many currently serving, or retired Phoenix operatives. It just so happens that Duncan is visiting the Yacht with no family. Just him and his Security Team. Make Quick work of this job, we have a feeling Phoenix is also after the list since they can't have it out in the wind.

You will spawn on a boat that is set right next to the Yacht. A rope is hanging from the edge of the yacht, the mission starts when you climb up.



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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 14 days ago

The Devhunts are a big mistake

I can't be wrong on this because an youtuber who i'll name it glc123 really dislike the idea of Devhunts and i like his logic because he's right,well what glc123 said was simple "Devhunts are horrible because Roblox doesn't care what the community is saying about the Devhunts,Roblox destroyed the originals Egghunts" ,and his logic is right,the original Egghunts where simple,there was one game to catch those eggs like 2008-2014 but the 2015 egghunt was a mistake,3 games for a egghunts was more weird but this can be horrible my friend because we are gonna talk about the devhunts,2019 and 2020 Egghunts where horrible,both of them have 40-50 games and it's not fun anymore,it's impossible to catch all those eggs in one month,it's too hard to ha…

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Stupified8900 Stupified8900 14 days ago

Loud Skill Trees

There are two main loud classes; Juggernaut and Specialist. Considering Specialists are mostly used only on Scientist, these trees will be focused on Juggernauts. Everything is made from the assumption that the player does not have the Legends game pass and is playing on Legend difficulty. Keep in mind that most of this is personal preference and I will try to allow you to choose your own perks when possible.

  • 1 Five Main Builds
  • 2 Other Builds
  • 3 Necessary Perks
  • 4 Other Useful Perks
  • 5 Tank
  • 6 Damage
  • 7 Ammo
  • 8 Reload
  • 9 Drill
  • 10 No Armor
  • 11 Stamina
  • 12 Speed Running
  • 13 Interaction
  • 14 Mixed
  • 15 Making Build From Scratch

  1. Tank
  2. Damage
  3. Ammo
  4. Reload
  5. Drill

Tanks usually have as many Shock Plating and Vitality as possible.

Damage builds take at least 12 Vital Targets if not more.

Ammo builds …

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 15 days ago

Devhunts are horrible

Do you know why Roblox allowed the creation of Devhunts?

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Neko Dj Simp Neko Dj Simp 15 days ago

Discord Server (13+)

Yes, i got a discord server that is small. join you want to.

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Tim123467 Tim123467 16 days ago

My Loud Guide

See also: My Stealth Guide

Very Short Summary: Use Cover

The best class for loud in every mission is Juggernaut (except in The Scientist where a Specialist with max speedhack can make the mission easier). The recommended weapons for every mission are the F57 and CH-A combination, although at least one person should bring a Thumper for The Lakehouse, The Withdrawal, The Scientist, Black Dusk, The Lockup, and The Setup (exceptions to this rule apply if you are speedrunning, in which case pistols become viable). Always wear Aegis armor on Legend difficulty unless you are really confident you can survive without it. Also, the more people you have in your team, the easier it will be to survive.

Recommended Attachments: Red Dot or TG3X on F57, TG3X…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 16 days ago

The H Files Remastered...

  • 1 Death
  • 2 Trident
  • 3 Caboose
  • 4 Eva
  • 5 Halo
  • 6 Marvel
  • 7 Fox
  • 8 Stinger
  • 9 Scythe
  • 10 Vegas
  • 11 Lock
  • 12 Puppy

Death or also know as

Trident or also know as

Caboose or also know as

Eva or also know as

Halo or also know as

Marvel or also know as

Fox or also know as

Stinger or also know as

Scythe or also know as

Vegas or also know as

Lock or also know as

Puppy or also know as

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 16 days ago

Giving bad news


I woke up and there was a weird smell,i though it was nothing and i returned to sleep.I woke up again,with the same smell,i checked the tower of my PC,i found out where the smell was coming...on the same day,i had nothing to do,for the most part of the day i did nothing,i put some notes inside my Wii,i played with my Wii and no more...


We got some pieces for the tower,we put the things back where it was but...there is something wrong with my tower,remember the smell,well...i think where the smell was coming did something with the rest of the tower...i think the worst part is all my drawings,i mean all of them,all my work,everything will have the end,i did a lot of things for nothing...i did all those drawings for nothing…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Phase 6:Final Phase,Evolution

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Phase 5:Inside

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Phase 4:Building

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Phase 3:Challenge the days

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Phase 2:Constructions Blueprints

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Phase 1:Preparing the map

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Maybe i should create an story

Yeah i gonna do it anyway because at least i'll be doing something usefull...for me

Update:Under development

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 18 days ago

Are memes usefull

Yes,memes are usefull,memes have been created to make you happy :D

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 19 days ago

Roblox Studio

Very soon i'm going to create all residences of my operatives and problaly they are going to be avaliable for the public but there will be some players who will not be granted access to the map or banned (LisaGaming and her stupid friends for example)

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 19 days ago

Where are my Operatives

All of my operatives are living in USA,well most of them

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 20 days ago

Myths and facts

Myth:Fortnite is trash

Fact:Fortnite keeps toxic 8 year olds away from other FPS games

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 22 days ago

Future is Bright v3

Well i don't know if all of you know about this but what is Future is Bright v3.Well Future is Bright is the best update ever in Roblox (words of glc123)

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 22 days ago

Schools are useless

First of all they make us go to school for 12-13 years,then they make us go to college for another 4-8 years and it don't give us any jobs,and that means we wasted 21 years of our lifes going to leang with the "Education System" who is useless,because the Education System is not going to make us learn anything because they think it was gonna work to make us go to "School" (Prison) for 21 years but it didn't help at nothing,it just make us hate more and more the Education System because they don't make anything new

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Tim123467 Tim123467 23 days ago

Testing Wikitext

Just in case blog posts have to relate to Entry Point, I'll just very briefly list my operatives:

  1. Zero: stealth infiltrator
  2. Wither: loud specialist
  3. Shade: stealth breacher
  4. Saw: loud juggernaut (Jackdaw with Gold Aegis Mask)
  5. Accident: mixed commando
  6. Rio Grande: loud tech (Rivera with Gold Aegis Mask)
  7. Golden Gun: used for challenges involving loud
  8. Ice: used for challenges involving stealth (or loud inf challenges)
  9. Light: general-purpose no-armor loud character
  10. Redemption: mixed infiltrator
  11. Golden Gun v2: same purpose as OG Golden Gun

While you're here, I did make a stealth guide if you want to check that out.


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ImArmorHAD ImArmorHAD 24 days ago

Centurion (Fan-Made)

(WIP, sorry for bad english, im brazillian)

  • 1 Chapter 1: The Beginning
    • 1.1 Start of Centurion Career
    • 1.2 Biggest Roberies
    • 1.3 Big Infiltration
  • 2 Chapter 2: Biggest Mission (Coming Soon)

Centurion born in Cincinnati, when he was with 16 years, the hit in Cincinnati Trust happened and, after this, he liked to see stealth roberies around all the globe. He is really smart, and made a lot of search to find out who have done the Cincinnati Trust, he don't discovered who, but discovered the organization Halcyon. He always liked stealth, and, when he was with 19 years, he escaped from him house in the middle of the night and made a sucessful robery in a diamond store, he stoled almost 13.000US$ from the store, with this money, he have buyed equipament to make mo…

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ImArmorHAD ImArmorHAD 24 days ago

The Shooping (Fan Made Mission)

  • 1 The Shopping (April 1st, 2017) (Fan-Made Mission)
    • 1.1 Security
    • 1.2 Disguise
  • 2 Objectives
  • 3 Dialogue
    • 3.1 General:
      • 3.1.1 Mission Start 1
      • 3.1.2 Mission Start 2
      • 3.1.3 Mission Start 3
    • 3.2 Stealth:
      • 3.2.1 See Guard
      • 3.2.2 Finding out Head of Security 1
      • 3.2.3 Finding out Head of Security 2
      • 3.2.4 Taking out Head of Security
      • 3.2.5 Finding out Secret Base
      • 3.2.6 Entering Secret Base
      • 3.2.7 See Keycard Door 1
      • 3.2.8 See Keycard Door 2
      • 3.2.9 Need a USB (Operative+)
      • 3.2.10 Finishing Hack
    • 3.3 Loud:
      • 3.3.1 Starting Loud 1
      • 3.3.2 Starting Loud 2
      • 3.3.3 Entering Base
      • 3.3.4 See Keycard Door
      • 3.3.5 Calling Sparrow
      • 3.3.6 Sparrow Reaching
  • 4 Rewards
  • 5 Layout
  • 6 Soundtrack

Halcyon have a secret place in this central shopping here in New York, in a way or another, you need to find this place, and take informations from it, not ma…

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SxmplyRey SxmplyRey 28 December 2020

Custom Loud Only Mission: The Interruption

Date: February 24, 2016

"It's been a while since we've sent you out onto the field, and we've recently discovered something that might interest you. We've located a Halcyon convoy en route to a facility in Quebec. I'm sending you to get to the facility first, take out anyone on sight, get anything you can, then take care of the convoy when it comes. It's that simple."

The Convoy

"By our estimations, you should arrive around seven minutes before the convoy. Make things quick so that you won't have to deal with two problems at once when the convoy comes. This is a large one; so hunker down when it gets there."

The Intel

"We found some plans of the place; turns out there are rooms in the area that are designed for servers. You don't just leave roo…

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The infiltrator: Vandal

Please. Im a professional.”


  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.2 Dislikes:
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality

Vandal is a lvl 50 infiltrator. They are female.



Bank robberys


All of halcyon


They are a she with turquoise hair. They have a shirt reading “Vandal” and blue jeans.

She is quite rude, but quite nice to her allies.

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Tim123467 Tim123467 23 December 2020

My Stealth Guide

See also: My Loud Guide

This guide assumes that you are playing on Legend difficulty. Before reading the rest of this page, here are some tips and tricks that you should know:

  • Always bring a UP9 unless otherwise stated (like in the sections on The Lakehouse and Black Dusk). This is because any gun that is not a pistol will slow you down which will cause you to remain in a guard's view a split-second longer; also, the UP9 is the pistol with the highest firerate and largest magazine size.
  • Avoid looking at guards' faces unless you are intentionally luring them. If you can see a guard's face, then you are probably doing something wrong. This applies to cameras too.
  • Cam Luring: When a camera's detection reaches one full bar (33%), a guard will come…
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DLA117487 DLA117487 22 December 2020

Backstory of Operative Genesis

  • 1 Person Information
  • 2 1981
  • 3 2001
  • 4 2008
  • 5 2011
  • 6 2012

Name: Manchester E. Lee

Birth Date: October 5th 1981

Associated with: Halcyon | Financier and Client

Alderney Mob | Founder

October 5th 1981 | Manchester E. Lee is born in Cornwall, UK. He was a self-taught infiltrator.

January 24th 2001 | Started a ransomware attack on Harrisburg, PA. The ransom price was $20,000 in exchange for tax data.

February 3rd 2001 | Involved in a bank robbery on a small bank near Croydon. The robbers took $20,000 before escaping.

February 10th 2001 | Ransomware attack on Boston, MA. Ransom price was $50,000 in exchange of police dashcam footage, tax data, and public service data.

February 20th 2001 | MTA Train system hacked. Ransom price was $20,000 in exchange for control of t…

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Kanaviin Kanaviin 21 December 2020

me sad :(

i was doing blacksite and i reloaded my gun and i think it somehow overloaded (1 bullet more than there should have been in the magazine) and my game crashed and when i got back on i chouln't play multiplayer because it says that expoits were detected on my account. i had bad internet at the same time so i think that my assets werent loaded.

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BadEntrypointPlayer1234 BadEntrypointPlayer1234 20 December 2020

Entry Point Community toxic as heck

I was doing Elite loud deposit with 4 players then later this player called Incidicus said imagine using armour and I was using armour. Incidicus said it was for babies. I got my revenge though. Incidicus wasted his/her own time. Then I teabagged his/her body after she/he left and escaped. My team died so they left. I'am gonna upload the proof. I know someones gonna agree with Incidicus. He/she did'nt even say not to use armour before we started. :/

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 19 December 2020

A little test


[Death call his brother]

Death:Hey bro

Puppy:Hey what's up bro

Death:Do you know what day is?



Puppy:Wait...oooooohhh today is the day


Puppy:The Pizza Day

Death:Yeah today is the day

Death:Call everyone from the group and i'll order the pizzas

1 hour later

Puppy:What pizzeria did you order to get the pizzas?

Death realizing he order in four pizzerias:Yes

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Fire Luigigames Fire Luigigames 19 December 2020

What can we do for the K45

Before reading this please note I am not arguing on the gun and that I express what I feel about it (also I want to propose balances):

Alright I got a thing for the K45 here. Now I love this gun, it holds a special place for me, but sadly it is not practical to use. Sure the K45 does more damage but against a UP9 it is nearly outclassed in terms of versatility that the UP9 has. Even then I tested both guns and they can both one tap SWATs on elite with enough damage perks which is a problem considering the K45 does a bit more damage than the UP9 yet cannot one tap on legend. As well the UP9 is refillable while the K45 is tricky to refill (and near impossible on elite+ minus guards which are not in every map). To me the K45 is a weaker variant…

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NotActivePerson NotActivePerson 18 December 2020

notoriety/payday 2 challenge

  • No disgise: You cannot knockout anyone.
  • Kills only: yes the rule is to kill anyone in notoriety.
  • no knockouts: yes.
  • Up to 2 enforcer hostages(guards you hostaged): yes.
  • Up to 6 hostages(excluding enforcer hostages: you can't get unlimited hostages.
  • You can only kill up to 4 guards: killing more can activate loud.
  • no day for fists!: you must need to hold v to switch to knife.
  • no unequipping weapons: yes.
    • Casing mode(the withdrawal and the deposit only): equipping a weapon will make you to leave casing mode.
  • lockpicking doors only!: you cannot drill or use crowbar.
    • no lockpicking on keycard doors!: to open these you must use a keycard.
  • keycards only usable one per time: if you use a keycard you must drop it where no one can see it.
  • no interrogating(excl…
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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 16 December 2020

About my characters

Yeah this is happening...

I know you have asking,i don't know if a lot of people ask about it but i will awnser it why i didn't put any photo of my characters

[Insert Stranger Things intro here]

This question will the one of my first question who will have a awnser or i already awnser some questions and i don't remember...

Why i didn't put any photo of the characters is simple,i didn't put any photo because i don't want any of them be reached by the R34 artists...that's it my comrades,one of the questions have a awnser...

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Tim123467 Tim123467 15 December 2020

Grenading Lakehouse Gunship Guide

Credit to Dingo for showing this.

  1. Wait until the gunship is at the side closest to spawn
  2. Go a little bit out of the dockhouse but not too far, so the gunship can't shoot at you (since you obviously cannot throw a grenade through the roof)
  3. Stand a little bit to the left
  4. Aim a bit to the right of the tip of the dockhouse roof (like around a grenade's length away from the roof)
  5. Spam grenades

Here's a video example of what I was trying to describe:

Edit: This is not guaranteed to prevent yourself from dying, that can still happen sometimes. Hopefully you die less often now than before you read this guide.

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Sir TNT Sir TNT 13 December 2020

Dirty Money: Custom heist

    • 1.1 This is an incomplete project, support is appreciated and boosting Ideas are always welcome.
  • 3 General
    • 3.1 Description:
    • 3.2 Date Of Operation: 06/07-07/08, 2016
    • 3.3 Tactic: Dependant Of Heist Plan
    • 3.4 Place Of Operation: La Casio, Bahamas, The Caribbean
  • 4 Important Info
  • 5 Heist Plan
    • 5.1 Loud And Noisy
      • 5.1.1 This is the basic approach, and currently the one being worked on.
    • 5.2 Cost: Free
    • 5.3 Wealth Through Stealth
    • 5.4 Incomplete, Will come out after Loud And Noisy is finished, thank you for your patience! :)

Accesing Primary Data...…

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EpGamer243234 EpGamer243234 11 December 2020


A title is one or more words used before or after a person's name, in certain contexts. It may signify either generation, an official position, or a professional or academic qualification. In some languages, titles may be inserted between the first and last name. Some titles are hereditary.

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 9 December 2020

Theories before the game was completed...or not

Yes,it's happening...

It has been a few months since that post on August and let's start...

  • 1 Black Dawn and The Freelancer
  • 2 Halcyon (Cutscene)
  • 3 The Deposit
  • 4 Rose (Cutscene)
  • 5 The Financier
  • 6 The Withdrawal
    • 6.1 Somebody kill me please...
  • 7 Payoff
  • 8 The Blacksite
  • 9 Critical
  • 10 The Lakehouse
  • 11 Dedication
  • 12 The Scientist
  • 13 Retribuction
  • 14 The SCRS
  • 15 Ashes
  • 16 Jackdaw (Cutscene)
  • 17 Black Dusk
  • 18 Epilogue

When i completed those two,i had a theory that it could be the same plot as anything else like Toy Story...sorry but this was the only example that i had in mind...

When Halcyon reached the surface,i had a new theory that could make something with the lore of the story(that sounded like FNAF wasn't it?),my theory said when the Jackdaw cutscene come,Halcyon was coming to kill th…

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 9 December 2020

Returning with more things

Don't worry guys,i'll be returning with more things in the future if i don't have one billion school projects

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UltraHit5 UltraHit5 8 December 2020

Weird dreams with "The Future"

I don't know how to explain this but i had weird dreams those days,i don't know where i start with but today i had a dream where i was in Vietnam with my brother and there was a ton of diesels but don't worry about it guys,those dreams are way longer than you think.First of all,the first dream that i remember was in 2013 and i can't explain but i already explained it in another wiki,i guess this is fine...

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