• Daftmeme123

    So im gonna compare the 2 beasts of a gun MM20 and F57 im gonna be straight and quick MM20 is in my own opinion better

    Damage: MM20 its damage exceeds the F57 by 10

    Fire rate: MM20 has a fire rate of 500 rounds per minute

    Recoil: F57 i find it easier to control as i can hold down and focus on keeping it low

    Spread: F57 it always seemed just a tiny bit lower

    Burst or Full auto: Full auto feels more reliable to me 

    The only reason the MM20 exceeds the F57 is because of its fire rate and damage but after the ammo rebalance the F57 would take the cake i guess cish thought it was too op

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  • A man is holding a minigun in the middle of nowher

    Speedrunning on the Scientist is relatively easy. But here are some tips to help you get a good time.

    1.Bring only a lockpick. 2. Take out 1-2 operatives to lessen the amount of operatives to take out at the end. 3. Look for the screwdriver and wire cutters. 4. Get into the basement (I recommend having many Fast Hand perks. 5. Open the vent and shoot Rivera's bodyguard 6. Shoot all of the operatives in the control room as quick as you can. 7. Take out all of the operatives. If they are out in the open,just shoot them and kill whoever sees the body

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  • UltraHit5

    John Brown or also know as Lock is a 30 years old Canadian born in Ottawa.

    Lock have a great relation with Halo.

    Lock have a good relation with his friends like Death,Puppy,Caboose,Fox and Marvel.

    Lock have a bad relation with Stinger,Scyter and Vegas.

    Lock have a "strange" relation with Eva.

    After:The brief case

    The Director:Did he pass?

    Halcyon Coordinator:You mean Lock?He manage to complete the entire misson...

    The Director:Something went wrong?

    Halcyon Coordinator:Lock discovered a strange file in the brief case

    The Director:A strange file in the brief case?What he discovered!?

    Halcyon Coordinator:The brief case was from NASA

    The Director:What was in the file

    Halcyon Coordinator:Something called Plan Omega 2090

    The Director:What he discovered?


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  • CasualJoe

    Welcome to a very simple guide!

    Gold Scientist is annoying because of one objective: "Take out all Halcyon Operatives"

    Before we get to that, we need to go over some stuff...

    Since this is a Gold mission, I expect your character to be your stealth main. However, this does not need any sort of hybird.

    You should focus on Out of Sight, as detection is higher than normal (You have worked for them before). While not necessary, Interference can make the job easier. 

    Your setup will be quite different from most games, as you'll need 10 trackers to keep your eyes on everybody. You'll also need a lockpick.

    You've got the loadout, and you can now go in. No worrying about disguises, since you already get one.

    Your objective is to get into the basement, whic…

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  • Breakbar

    Guides Archive

    July 31, 2020 by Breakbar

    This post contains all of the guides previously found on the wiki. More info here.

    The ideal class for stealth is the Thief on Rookie and Professional difficulties. On Operative and higher, You need an Infiltrator, because you'll have to hack the SC Commander's computer. Recommended perks:

    • The Art of the Steal
    • Interference
    • Surveillance State
    • Firebug
    • Fast Hands
    • Out of Sight
    • Masquerade

    Recommended Equipment:

    • Lockpick
    • Tracker
    • Microcam if you need some extra vision

    Recommended weapons:

    • Any suppressed weapon that can be concealed.

    Above all else, remember that once you pass the Restricted Area, you will have to go down. Anything left behind will be permanently lost as you cannot go back to retrieve it.

    • On Professional+ the jail cell doors have window covers.
    • K…

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  • Academyjr64

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  • MrQwertyTehBigNoob

    1. Must reload after every shot (Musket)

    2. Can use knife

    3. Must shoot everyone, take no hostages

    4. Loud Plan B only

    5. After shooting 15 times, you must "repair" the gun (Use med kit)

    6. Any mission, but no disguises

    7. Hip Fire only (Sights were not invented in the 18th century)

    Shirt (British Soldier): 4437542216

    Pants (British Soldier): 4397090937

    Shirt (French Soldier): 4488393093

    Pants (French Soldier): 4488415156

    CBR-C (No mods) - Musket

    UP9 (No mods) - Flintlock pistol

    Lockpick, Med kits (x4), C4

    No Armor

    480 MCS(No mods) - Blunderbuss

    UP9 (No mods) - Flintlock pistol

    Lockpick, Med kits(x5)

    No Armor

    CBR-C (No mods) - Short barrel musket

    No secondary

    Grenades(x6), Lockpick, Med kits(x2)

    Foot soldier armor (Raider)

    Thumper - Hand Cannon

    CH-A (No mods) - R…

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  • FloatzelGamer

    [A Van was incoming to somewhere in alaska]

    [Pathfinder] Thought We gonna make that too far? [Jackdaw] Not even a chance [Pathfinder]Where is sparrow right now? [Jackdaw] Sleeping , she ate overdose of Donut [Pathfinder]What will be our evac then? [Jackdaw] Probably the new pilot [Jackdaw] He's near so get ready for our next strike [Pathfinder]Also i think you need a therapy,we gonna die on the ending [Pathfinder] You need to call something to get me on elevator not hoping to kill me [Jackdaw] Wow, you discovered the thing [Jackdaw] You fired Read more >
  • A man is holding a minigun in the middle of nowher

    "A young man is reloading his K45, and points his gun at a defeated Steel Cove Operative"

    "The hangar door opens"

    "New kid, you should be ready for this" said a voice from afar.

    As the young man turned to look at his leader, Javelin, he sees two other operatives loading their guns. That young man was Vincent Zhao, former MSS and future leader of the criminal organization Halcyon. He is currently in Alaska, raiding a blacksite.

    The hangar door opens and reveals a heavily armored unit, known as a Bulldozer, it held a Sawblade and was prepared to kill any enemies who dared to enter his base. This failed however and was quickly defeated by the squad and called for back up before his life faded from his body. The operatives ran toward a metal door …

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  • UltraHit5

    The H Files:The Trio

    July 29, 2020 by UltraHit5

    "They fired one bullet after another,they even used a AT-4 HEDT a anti-tank weapon,but The Trio managed to kill the entire team with one explosion" - Death

    Stinger,Scythe and Vegas or also know as The Trio,are three operatives in a special division in Halcyon,formed by only three operatives and those three operatives are Stinger,Scythe and Vegas.

    Nobody have idea how old they are,but it looks like Stinger is 40 years old,Scythe is 42 years old and Vegas is 41 years old.

    In a middle of a Mission,while escaping with a new Operative(I'll make a blog about it),the FBI appeared and started to open fire in The Trio,they even trow a grenate in The Trio,but The Trio manage to protect the new Operative,they fired one bullet after another,they even use…

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  • CasualJoe

    2 Weapons

    July 29, 2020 by CasualJoe

    I was browsing around on the wiki, when two weapons caught my eye...

    The thing is, they were ideas. They weren't exactly good ideas, but they were ideas.

    I'm talking about the Hunterblade and 350 MCS. As pointed out, the 350 was missing lots of features, though the Hunterblade skimps less on them.

    I decided to myself... "Could I try to recreate these, but better?" And I tried to do that.

    The Hunterblade seems to be an SMG, judging by the small magazine. How it worked was a mystery, though they do say that there's no stock.

    The 350 MCS is a shorter version of the 480 MCS, though this is redundant by the fact that you can have no stock. I've taken this to a different turn, which is a competing shotgun that is more compact, mobile, and stealth-ori…

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  • Thegenrool

    the OOF operative

    July 29, 2020 by Thegenrool

    another day at halcyon 

    somewhere in a bunker in alaska the OOF walked out of the container he loaded his thumper he them blew up a SC gaurd with the " thump" of his thumper then ht eboom of the grenade then before he knew it the alarmw ere off the then beat a guard to death with the stock of his thumper the whipped out a grenade from his armour  the craked open his thumper he then aimed for a SC shredder the blew it up along with some SC soldiers next to the shredder the grabbed a kaycard from an SC gaurd then opened the door, then knifed the SC gaurd next to him them opened the door thwen blew up a small group of SC soldiers  the blew up the door, ran down thesmal " area " the dropped down an kicked open the door with his left boot   then…

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  • Fran Frid

    The Intel

    July 29, 2020 by Fran Frid

    Note: This is from the now removed page called The Intel. Everything here (besides this note) was written by BigBoi23034. All credit goes to them. I'm just reposting this so that people can see it and maybe enjoy it.

    The Intel, was released now lol, with every difficulty and is the thirdteen mission chronologically.

    The Freelancer is sent to an unknown location to find intel about Nightfall, a game from Mishambo. After finding intel, The Freelancer is supposed to destroy Nightfall's assets.

    The map is Mishambo's house, there is not many security but they will arrive later. The place is scattered with Cameras and later Mishambo's Security

    There are 3 different NPCs in the mission: Mishambo's Security, Developers and Mishambo.

    Mishambo's Security…

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  • UltraHit5

    Ellie Stephens or also know as Fox,is a American but she looks like a South Korean

    Ellie was born in Lexington - Kentucky

    Fox can drink 10 Vodkas in a row without problems

    When she was in a mission,she was shot in the leg and Puppy need to remove the bullet(The bullet was from a SCAR-H) and he said to Fox to remove her pants for the removal of the bullet,and Trident was in the boat was he saw them and he tried to stop Puppy,but Trident see the removed bullet with blood...(If you're a JoJo fan,you will remember Giorno Giovanna healing Mista but Narancia understood in other view...)

    Her relation with the others is interesting...

    Her relation with Death is more like,the Waifu and the screwed up

    They are like F-R-I-E-N-D-S ta na na na na pee na i go…

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  • It'sRealEstate!

    Here's just some stuff you guys may or may not know. Hope you enjoy! 

    |-|Aegis= Aegis is not just an elite unit of SWAT/TRU/ETF. Oh no! It's actually a real organization: Aegis Defence Services.

    Here, I made an infobox about it. 

    |-|Thumpers= Thumpers are actually a real gun: the MP7 Grenade Launcher or Thumper. Thats it really. If you want to find out any more info go to Thumper or go to MP7 grenade launcher on Wikipedia.|-|Paul Nikitin was NOT FSB= One of the original six Directors of Halcyon was Paul Nikitin, a former FSB agent. Or was he? Because the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) were founded on April 12th, 1995, 8 years after former FSB Nikitin joined Halcyon in 1987. He would've actually have been part of the…

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  • MrQwertyTehBigNoob

    Shirt: 4484133212

    Pants: 4396626873

    (I don't care if the uniforms are not accurate.)

    F57(20 Round mag, Mini sight, Stock, Muzzle brake)

    UP9(Iron sights , Suppressor, Laser)

    Medkits (x3)

    Silent drill

    Grenade (x2)

    Raider Armor

    F57(30 Round mag, Iron sights, No stock, Suppressor)

    K45(Suppressor, Laser)

    Medkits (x3)

    Loud drill

    Grenade (x2)

    Frontline Armor

    CH-A(LS6X, Suppressor, Laser)

    K45(No barrel mod, Flashlight)


    Loud drill


    Raider Armor

    S97(Mini sight and canted sights, Suppressor, 20 round mag, Laser)

    UP9(Ring sight, Suppressor)



    Scout Armor

    A international terrorist organization has kidnapped a New York billionaire named Ryan Ross. The kidnappers must be taken out and Ryan must be rescued. The mission must be executed p…

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  • UltraHit5

    Somewhere in Sahara's Desert


    23:50 PM

    Fox:Finally we manage to get out of Russia

    Halcyon Operative 1:Yeah

    Halcyon Operative 2:Yes

    Puppy:That was a hard one

    Halcyon Operative 3:Nah...that wasn't soo hard

    Trident:That wasn't so hard!?We just had one job to steal a little box of something that everyone don't know from a cargo ship of the Russian Federation!?And we stealed a Mil Mi-10 for our escape!?

    [Please insert a coin to put a Mil Mi-10 image]

    Death:Dude chill up,it's just a box...

    Pilot:Ok guys we're almost out of Tunisia,when we arrive in Morocco,Mark and his team will be there and do not make him angry...

    Death:Stinger gonna be there...

    Halcyon Operative 3:Aw don't worry about him,you have me,and my twins...heheheh...


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  • MeteorImpact5


    -This is my opinion focused mostly

    -This is just fanmade

    -This was made to entertain, not to offend anyone or copy anyone

    This blog consists about if I were the one who developed the game and what I would have added, I hope you enjoy it!

    • UP9 and K45 handguns would have also frames. Xeno; an green frame, Matte; (I don't need an desc already), Steel; (I don't need an desc already).
    • Raven has 2 frames added: Aqua; Shhh don't tell Sparrow you copied her, Fury; an red frame used mostly by juggernauts or assasins.
    • Sawblade can now have laser (smh).
    • You can now have an bag that is able to carry 4 weapons, and it is easily differencied from Equipment Bag because it has the name "Weapon Bag".
    • Weapons with high recoil can actually m…

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  • MeteorImpact5

    Real Name: Wolfe, Mason

    Origin: Manchester, England, UK

    Birth Date: UNKNOWN, 1955 circa

    Status: Deceased, as of 16/OCT/2017

    Cause of Death: Assasination

    Kingpin, alias Mason Wolfe, was an ex-agent who joined in 22/APR/1977, he always showed intelligence and facility to lead others, so he was promoted as commander a few times, he accepted it and always made plans for the missions, he always needed the intel required to complete some missions, so we placed him in Criminal Organizations section in 1980 because we thought he could help us, and he did, but went missing in 1987, later, he founded his own intelligence service and never came back. Our theorists and analysts thought he left us to go on his own aspirations, anyways, until 1995, when we d…

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  • MeteorImpact5

    ALERT: This blog post isn't cannon (means it isn't part from the Entry Point universe), this is from an fan-made universe made by me, don't wait Cishshato to include my stories, characters, or missions, now enjoy the blog!

    This blog is the introduction to my new coming series of blog posts called "Entry Point: Thieves from the Halcyon", it was created because I was bored and I had time to do it, and I actually like to make stories and write, all credits to Cishshato and the studio for giving the story where this is based, now let's start.

    In 1977, the 22-year-old Mason Wolfe joined the MI6, and he were very good at his range, at some point starting from the 1980s, Mason Wolfe started to investigate about Criminal Organizations, then he found…

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  • MeteorImpact5

    So, I was on my cell phone and then I saw R13CP (a dude who messes up with WhiteGXRoblox in his videos) and then I went to his channel to see if he had videos, then I went into his profile and I saw something (in my opinion) suspicious on his favorites.!/about

    Guys, if somebody knows about it, please tell me (yes i am curious like very human), it looked awesome the thumbnail to be honest and I saw designs that never saw from Cishshato, now, goodbye and have a great day.

    (please comment in the chat being serious, and don't confuse it with Message Wall, bye mates)

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  • It'sRealEstate!

    Random stuff

    July 17, 2020 by It'sRealEstate!


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  • UltraHit5

    What blog should i make?

    You decide

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  • It'sRealEstate!

    WARNING: THIS IS NOT CANON TO THE MAIN ENTRY POINT UNIVERSE! Do not expect Cishshato to include these characters in a DLC or something!!!

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  • Blake "Falcon" Danger

    This is a fanfic created by me. Note: this is not canonical to the EP universe.


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  • IconNowActive

    Click the link to see the codes for this page.  Click the link to see the dialogue for this page.

    Other Blogs (Made by Wonderful People, who are Very Talented, and better than me at This Sort of Thing):

    • Phoenix Team Fifty-One (Courtesy of Shadoscorpion, a fine masterpiece, set during the Shadow War, and still being attended to)
    • Secrets of the Service (Thanks to Carbonator, this is also a great thing to read if you have time to use up)
    • ST-89 Cobalt (The Carbonator again, with a spinoff of the original)
    • Phoenix Team Forty Five (The business of TacklWorld, Watch one of Phoenix's Teams fight during the Shadow War)
    • Halcyon Team Eleven (Courtesy of TacklWord, A Halcyon Team who fought during the Shadow War, basically the anthises of Forty-Five)
    • Phoenix …
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  • UltraHit5

    The H Files

    July 9, 2020 by UltraHit5

    Death or also know as [REDACTED] also he have a brother called [REDACTED] or also know as Puppy for is codename.

    His eyes have a problem called [REDACTED],is still unknown why he or his brother doesn't talk about what happend with his eyes. Alot of operatives tried to remove his shades but after a mission they died by unknown reasons...

    When Death was in a desert with Trident,Puppy and Fox(I'll make a blog about the desert thing),somehow Death could cook without any problems,when everyone in Halcyon ask him how he cooked in the desert he said he didn't have any idea how he managed to cook in the desert...

    After the end of Halcyon,the Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon 11 Designated Nine Tailed Fox managed to track Death but somehow,he almost man…

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  • Hellfire3617

    This will be edited later.

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  • Pro111111


    Status: classified dead by the FBI Allegiance: halcyon (formally) Phoenix Weapons: dual UP9 with Suppressor and a Laser, sometimes seen with a thumper Class: technician Country: USA Read more >
  • TheDirectorMasonWolfe

    These are some characters, missions, and cutscenes for my story.


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  • MeteorImpact5

    WARNING: This poem was fully written by me based on the story of the game, some things are related to The Lock so beware, I recomend you to not read this if you don't wanna get spoiled.

    Roses are honest

    Wrens are patriotic

    Jackdaws are intelligent

    Falcons are brave

    But mostly, Kingfishers are corrupted


    Kingfishers tried to backstab the Jackdaws,

    Jackdaws survived, but weren’t happy…

    Jackdaws didn’t left the game and got Friends now…

    Jackdaws aren’t leaving, they are taking revenge…


    The new Phoenix has been born,

    The Roses, secret spies, have helped to form it,

    They put the heat on the Halcyon,

    To avenge the corrupted Kingfishers


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  • Cupriclizard6

    Hi. If you've been on the wiki for a while now you'll know at one point I made ID cards for EP character's. Well, I've decided to do that again. This time with Studio instead of EP (although I may use EP for some lol). I'm starting it with my most recently made operative: Night Wolf

    I do take requests so long as you have presented the following:

    • Your operative's class
    • Which of the two organizations they belong to
    • (optional) a dumb catchphrase/quote :P
    • A picture of your operative.
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  • Mason "The Director" Wolfe


    Status: Active

    Allegiance: Phoenix

    Weapons: 480 MCS, UP9

    Class: Commando

    Country: USA

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  • Academyjr64

    All Operatives start with 14 HP and 6 AP.

    • Health Points(HP) is how much punishment an operative can take before dying.
    • Action Points(AP) are used to perform actions and movement.

    Operatives have a default movement range of 6. This can be increased by 1 by Mercenaries, and decreased by 1 by wearing certain Armor. Operatives cannot spend more AP on moving than their movement range permits.

    On their turn, Operatives will have multiple actions to use their Action Points on. The cost to using these actions is usually dependent on item stats.

    • Fire Weapon - Fires the weapon at an enemy within range and consumes one point of ammo.
    • Reload - Reloads the weapon, refilling its ammo. Consumes one ammo token.
    • Overwatch - Automatically fire on the first enemy tha…
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  • BronzePegasus

    Phoenix Files

    June 26, 2020 by BronzePegasus

    The Twilight Skies from Phoenix's point of view.

    Alright guys let him through.
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  • MeteorImpact5


    (this is a fan blog post, not cannonical nor official, it's just made for fun)

    At this post you can see designs and images very bad drawn by me, yeah, I used paint since I am so poor ;-;

    Anyways let's start!

    An fanmade logo of Steel Cove, I know the design isn't the best maybe, but I actually tried to do a good logo on paint, to give realism I made a fanmade motto "Blood, War, For America", you can see the outer part it is supposed to be Steel and metal, the logo of the U.S., and two rifles with the text "Steel Cove Division" down.

    Sorry if it looks like a Hummingbird, but I searched for Halcyons and it didn't appear, the ? around the Halcyon represent the unknown members of the master organization, a…

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  • MeteorImpact5

    Every Entry Point mission has a setting, that are actually based on real-life cities and places, such as Cincinnati, that is a city on Ohio (fact: that is the city where Neil Armstrong died in 2012), Cishshato likes to give realism to the game, I recommend you to take a look to the map in the right. Also, "The Blacksite" isn't set on a military base or prison, it is probably set on a CIA blacksite that is actually ran in cooperation of Steel Cove, that is an paramilitary organization of the US (not a military corp or that kinda thing), the blacksites are places from the CIA around the USA made to realize and plan Black Ops, prison high security prisoners and trainings, you can check Wikipedia for more information (actually this is a theory, I…

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  • CM08

    Old gang DL

    June 24, 2020 by CM08

    This is custom made DLC for my stories (200th edit, post) also if you Actually want to see my main blog link click my profile, go to blogs and go to team 161 and stuff

    "Play the frontline assaults of halcyon and phoenix and raid a warehouse, a safehouse, quietly breach a halcyon base and raid the halcyon HQ. Make sure you do it flawless. Alright. Ready? Lets get to work.

    The name old gang name is based on the nickname of the Special Vehicle Development Committee who made the TOG 1 and 2 tanks.


    Deception is the first cutscene in the old gang it takes place in a SUV on the 16th of January 2013 they are discussing an assault




    Ace: what are those in them jerry cans

    Rose: thermite

    Ace: of course it would be.

    Mantis: Yeah, becaus…

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  • MeteorImpact5


    June 23, 2020 by MeteorImpact5

    probably will get hated idk

    Why Cishshato isn't aproving a continuation (I am normal with that fact) nor fangames? (thats my question)

    Look, I understand there will be NOT another continuation since it would be illogical cannonically, but fangames? Dude, fangames are people that really love Entry Point that want to do their "version", actually some of them put in-game (WARNING: This game isn't cannonical, just a fanmade game based on Entry Point) as example.

    Basically, when Entry Point ended I told myself: "welp, what I am gonna do?" then I told myself "lets check out for fangames!" but then I noticed about Cishshato's shout...

    Some of the few are good, like "Entry Point: The Rise of Justice" (Link if wanna see it:…

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  • Mason "The Director" Wolfe

    These are my operatives/freelancers/characters. Enjoy!


    Cornelius Wolfe

    Allegiance: Halcyon.

    Relatives: The Director.

    Codename: Flintlock

    Class: Breacher

    This is now classed as non canon.

    Designation: AOT-12

    Status: Active.

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  • MeteorImpact5

    Not every cutscene or comic here is CANON, so please, don't give me hate or that, anyways let's start...

    Scene: On a very cold and isolated-from-city forest, an Halcyon helicopter is flying, the scene changes to Freelancer seeing the sky, and Rose bored, then Rose proceeds to say...

    Rose: Falcon, why don't you talk me about what have I been lose of?

    Falcon: ...

    Rose: Did Wren win at Band Hero?

    Falcon: ...

    Rose: Nevermind...

    Rose: Hey (Freelancer's name), where are we going?

    Freelancer: Uhhhh... Well I do not have idea, but well...

    Freelancer: Hey Falcon, please I am dying of curiosity but, where are we going?

    Falcon: To our Alaskan Base, (Freelancer's name), we will see Wren there and talk about what happened on Ontario

    Rose: I am surprised this is one of the f…

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  • UltraHit5


    This is not canonical ok!Er...probaly...

    Wren:Guys have you seen Rose?!

    Falcon:What do you mean?

    The Director:Not yet

    The Freelancer:What the hell she did now?

    Wren:She stole a tank...

    The Director:What type of tank?

    Wren:A KV-2

    • Explosion and alarm trigger

    Falcon:Any chance that was Rose!?


    Note for UltraHit5:I'll end that later thx

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  • MeteorImpact5

    Woah there!, probably this blog will get hated and that, but please, it's just my ideas and opinion and you have to understand it, anyways lemme start with da blog!

    Basically some mechanics and random stuff that Entry Point, if they had it, would be nice.

    I mean, PvE was old and, well, it was deleted, but what if we try to "remaster" it? Look...

    (By the way enemy health is same as missions, example: in Rookie SWAT has 150 in Rookie SWAT will have the same health)

    -2 modes: Survival (infinite rounds of SWAT) and Escape (you need to use drill to open lockdown doors and progress to exit with SWAT rounds, ending is at 10th sector).

    -3 dificulties: Rookie, Operative, and Elite.

    -Depending on dificulties random SWAT and Aegis Unit would appear.


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  • IconNowActive


    June 19, 2020 by IconNowActive

    This page is used for preparing the next post.

    Anything seen here is likely to be edited before it goes to the main area

    Please refrain from commenting here.

    Battle for Nought: Done

    Era of Shadows: Not Done 

    "Look. We have a job to do. If he doesn't show up, he doesn't show up. If we rely on teammates too much, we end up being dumkopfs."

    -Harvard, explaining why they should prepare no matter what.

    "You're in a foreign country. You're using foreign weapons. Pretty much everything of your life is foreign. But you'll make it through. You're an adaptable person. You always prepare. So nobody catches you off guard."

    -The Eagle Eye's Ensemble

    Harvard was an Operative and Commando, working with Halcyon until 2014, where she was killed by Phoenix forces. S…

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  • CM08

    PMC= First encountered - The Facility

    Last encountered - The Fortress

    Hitpoints 200

    Aegis PMC hitpoints 600

    |-|Halcyon Agents= First encountered - The HRF

    Last encountered - The Final Straw

    Hitpoints 100


    First encountered - The Banker

    Last encountered - ?

    Hit Points 200

    Aegis points 700

    |-|Rogue Phoenix=

    Only encountered in The Takeout

    Hitpoints 150 recruit

    Hitpoints 175 combatant

    Hitpoints 200 Contractor

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  • CM08

    Hello, this is the soundtracks for the new halcyon BIG NOTE i will use entry point themes from missions but jumble them up

    Menu 1 -  (Same as shadow war 3)

    Menu 2 - (Same as old black dawn)

    Mission briefing -

    Miricle worker - not ready

    The HRF -

    the HRF (If you go into Total lockdown) -

    The Facility (Stealth) -

    The Facility (Loud) -

    The steel hammer (Stealth) - https://web.r…

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  • Alex Cros

    Entry Point Memes

    June 18, 2020 by Alex Cros

    Entry Point Memes


    You've got a highly dangerous criminal organisation. You've got an overly active community. It's a great formula for memes.

    And that - Is what you've gotten yourself into.

    I have decided to scour the internet for the greatest memes, and I'll also allow for some meme suggestions in the comments and I'll make some of my own. If you do suggest a good meme I'll be sure to add it in your own tabber.

    So... Let's get this party started!

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  • IconNowActive

    Irrelevant page.

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  • Cinncinati Trust Manager

    So I'm aware that most of you don't know where I work, so I just went out of my way to post that I work in Cinncinati, in Cincinnati trust and not in some crappy ass bank in san Francisco lol

    what I'm trying to say is: halcyon has garbage banks, phoenix has better ones and I don't give a poopo about your opinion lol

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  • IconNowActive


    June 17, 2020 by IconNowActive
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