"The Compact Bullpup Rifle was created by the Tricorne Co. in 1990. The CBR-C is a variant of the CBR sold exclusively in Canada; It's shortened barrel allows it to comply with Canada's rifle laws. The quick fire rate and high accuracy make it a favorite for operatives in mid to long distance firefights. The 7.8mm rounds slice armor, but the fire rate and small magazine means frequent reloads."
― Ingame Description


The CBR-C is one of the many weapons used by the operatives of Entry Point. It costs $13,500 to purchase and $250 to deploy on a mission.

The CBR-C is the ideal choice for ranged combat, and it maintains an acceptable length thanks to the bullpup design and shortened barrel. Its rounds are more than capable of going through most walls and dealing with targets efficiently.

The CBR-C is often used by SWAT with a laser and default mini sight. However, those found in the armory in The SCRS will not have a laser.


If you're in the market for a powerful rifle that can hold its own at long range, look no further. The CBR-C is a battle-proven weapon that is guaranteed to fit your needs. With high damage, solid accuracy, and rifle-grade penetration enemies won't be safe behind wood or drywall. The CBR also has great handling, and it can still land shots accurately even when fired at full speed.

The most obvious drawback of the CBR-C, however, is its ammunition. With a magazine size of only 10 rounds and a base reserve of 60, the slow reloads will be frequent and pickups will be required during long missions. Preserving ammunition requires a high degree of precision. If the player doesn't have enough damage perks it can take two headshots to kill enemies.

Even with the limited ammunition in mind, the CBR-C is still a fantastic method for dealing with distant targets, and it is quite effective against enemy operatives in close-range assaults too. Pair it up with a good backup weapon and you'll find your odds of survival are much better during a loud mission.


  • High damage per shot.
  • Long range.
  • Low spread.
  • High penetration.
  • Relatively easy to refill.


  • Very difficult to conceal.
  • Low amount of bullets per magazine.
  • Low reserve ammo, even with the Hidden Reserves Perk.

Recommended Perks

Though the CBR-C is good enough to not need any improvements in accuracy, RifleMastery.png Rifle Mastery can still come in handy in order to ensure every shot fired hits its intended mark no matter how far away the target is.

In addition, it is important to take full advantage of the CBR's damage and effective range. Multiple VitalTargets.png Vital Targets perks will greatly extend the damage and one-shot kill range of the CBR, making every shot an efficient one even at a distance.


The CBR-C is the ideal weapon for long-range marksmanship, though it can hold its own up close with the right attachments as well.


  • Mini Sight - Miniature sight with a small red dot, granting a clear view of the target. Equipped on the CBR-C by default.
  • Delta Sight (+1) - Miniature sight with a thick delta dot, granting a clear view of the target.
  • Red Dot (+2) - Large optic with enhanced zoom and solid red dot, providing a very clear sighting picture.
  • TG3X (+2) - 3x magnification optic with a clear scope reticle, effective at farther distances.
  • T4XS (+2) - 4x magnification optic with a tactical reticle, improving long range precision at the cost of close range aiming.
  • LS6X (+2) - 6x magnification scope with a solid crosshair, ideal for extreme distances but almost unusable in close quarters.


  • Flash Hider (+2) - Eliminates the muzzle flash from the weapon, granting better visibility when firing and preventing enemies from detecting shots visually.
  • Muzzle Brake (+1) - A standard muzzle brake that eliminates some of the recoil from the rifle, but increases spread.
  • Suppressor (+2) - A large suppressor that eliminates the sound and muzzle flash of the weapon, preventing enemies from detecting shots visually and audibly.


  • Flashlight - A bright light that can be turned on to illuminate dark areas and reveal your position.
  • Laser - A red laser that can be turned on to make shooting from the hip more precise.
  • Canted Sights - Backup iron sights for the weapon, allowing for an alternate aiming option that works well when paired with scopes.


  • Folding Grip - A compact grip that can be easily concealed with the gun. It improves first shot accuracy while moving.
  • Ergo Grip (+2) - A large vertical grip which greatly adds to precision while on the move. It improves first shot accuracy significantly while moving.
  • Angled Grip (+1) - A naturally designed grip that reduces first-shot recoil, making burst fire highly effective at range.
  • Stubby Grip (+1) - A shortened vertical foregrip which grants better control over the weapon, reducing spread.


  • The CBR-C is based on the Kel-Tec RFB-C. The gun used to be named RFB-C in earlier versions of the game, but it was changed later on.


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