Cameras act similar to a stationary security guard, they will detect operatives doing anything suspicious. Their rate of detection is the same as guards, and if they detect an operative, hostages, or dangerous/suspicious equipment or items the Camera Operator will raise the alarm. Cameras will not give you warnings for trespassing either.

Cameras can be also utilized to lure guards. Cameras have less detecting range than guards, and will no longer only notice players because of the new update. They can now notice suspicious/dangerous items, bodies, hostages, and players through bushes.

Camera Types

Bullet Cameras


Bullet Cameras are the most common type of camera in the game. They can be disabled, destroyed, or looped with the Interference perk, and can found in every available mission. They only spawn on the sides of the walls. The lens will angle towards the ground when destroyed.

In The SCRS and Black Dusk a unique black variant of the Bullet Camera is found. The SCRS Bullet Cameras are black and Black Dusk Bullet Cameras are grey.

Dome Cameras

Dome Camera.png

Dome Cameras are the second type of camera in the game. They can only be disabled or destroyed, and cannot be interacted with without the Interference perk. Dome cameras can spawn on either walls or the ceiling. The dome glass will be broken when destroyed, but NPCs will usually not notice this.

Dealing with cameras

Cameras have a suspicion bar, just like Guards. If discovered, the Camera Operator will raise the alarm quickly with a panic button if available, otherwise they will use their radio. A red circle will also appear above the camera that detected the operative. This threat can be reduced by a disguise or with one of the following.


Cameras can be destroyed by being shot, but destroyed cameras may be noticed by Guards. Destroying the Camera causes it to take a limp position and a guard will go investigate it. If they see the destroyed camera they will raise the alarm. Destroyed cameras can not be used while viewing cameras. If you destroy a camera after having been spotted by it, the camera operator will still raise the alarm.


Anyone can disable a Bullet Camera, this can be done by going up to the camera and interacting with it by pressing 'F', or 'G' if operatives have the Interference perk. Disabled Cameras cannot be noticed by guards but will be noticed by the Camera Operator, and they will send a guard to investigate. Disabling too many Cameras can lead to the Camera Operator getting suspicious and raising the alarm. This action will also create a grey icon above the camera and remove the feed from the control center. Dome Cameras cannot be disabled without Interference.

Both disabling and destroying cameras attract the attention of the camera operator. Operatives can only tamper with 4 cameras on Rookie to Elite or 2 on Legend. Any more will trigger the alarm.


Looping a Bullet Camera is similar to disabling a Camera, except it will additionally not be noticed by the Camera Operator. This can be done by having the perk "Interference" and interacting with the camera using 'F'. This will create a white icon above the camera, indicating that it is looped.

Hacking the cameras with the Control Center will remove loops on cameras. Looping cameras will not raise the alarm and no guard will be sent to investigate it either.

Some Missions that have multiple camera operators might have multiple Control Centers that have access to different cameras.

Camera Operator

Neutralizing all the camera operators in a mission will disable every camera. This creates grey icons on all cameras, indicating that they are disabled. If a camera is alerted, it is possible to stop the alarm by neutralizing the camera operator before they raise the alarm.

Viewing cameras

In most security stations you can view the cameras. Hackers also have the ability to hack the security station, allowing anyone in the mission to view the cameras remotely by pressing 'B'. Hacked cameras are blue, indicating that they have been hacked. They can be used to mark every NPC on the screen by holding 'F'. The markers will disappear after a certain amount of time or if you scan again. If you have the Surveillance State perk, the last viewed camera or microcam will automatically spot the NPCs they see every few seconds.

In Shadow War, the defending team will have access to four bullet cameras, scattered around the complex. They are also able to equip microcams and deploy them. Like all other hacked cameras, they can be used to monitor the area and mark targets. Attackers can destroy the cameras to stop them.

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