During Character Creation, a class must be picked for your operative, which determines your starting perk as well as the initial position on the perk tree.

At higher levels, operatives are able to select a second starting perk to become a hybrid class.


"As a professional infiltrator and con artist, the thief prefers to handle a job quietly. Thieves specialize in disguises and lockpicking. A good thief is an asset to any well planned silent mission."

  • +50% disguise effectiveness
  • Can pick locks

The Thief's initial perk is The Art of the Steal, which allows locked doors to be picked open with a lockpick kit. They are also adept at blending in, and disguises are more effective for this class. Safes found on some missions can be cracked open without a code if necessary and can be an alternate option to using a drill for the safe in The Financier. This class is the recommended to start with when doing stealth.

Thieves are capable of performing a special action in these missions:


"Mercenaries don't care how the job gets done, as long it gets finished. They specialize in all types of weapons. Precise, methodical, and deadly, you'll want a mercenary on your side when the bullets start flying."

  • +40% health and stamina
  • +1 Weapon Mastery perk

The Mercenary's initial perk is Combat Mastery, which increases their health and stamina by a fair amount and allows them to learn a second Weapon Mastery. It will also decrease the delay before stamina begins regenerating, as well as increase how fast it regenerates. Since this does not give them any interaction benefits in-game, the class itself is incapable of performing any special actions.


"Engineers are the innovators of the crew. They specialize in enhanced equipment, explosives. and armor. Engineers can always offer a way past that door. Just don't ask them to do it quietly."

  • Unlocks C4
  • -40% armor movement penalty

The Engineer's starting perk is Demolitions Expert, which allows them to bring C4 into missions. Their training in armor mobility reduces the speed penalty from armor by a fair margin. They are also able to bypass sensors to allow their team to move through certain doors without being detected.

Engineers are capable of performing a special action in these missions:


"Finding someone to hack systems is easy. Finding someone to hack systems while being shot at is... considerably harder. Hackers specialize in breaching computers and security systems on-site."

  • Unlocks Keycard Scrambler
  • Can hack advanced systems

The Hacker's initial perk is Prodigy, which unlocks keycard scramblers, which can be used to open keycard doors. They are also capable of hacking computers to gain useful Intel. Additionally, they can take control of the cameras to allow their team to see their feed.

Hackers are capable of performing a special action in these missions:

Hybrid Classes

By allocating a perk point into a second starting perk, an operative is able to become a new class with the standard abilities of both classes. A third or fourth starting perk cannot be selected.

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