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Critical is the fifth cutscene that occurs in Entry Point. It takes place on April 20th, 2015.


The Freelancer visits Rose who is practicing at the shooting range. They come to inform her that Wren needs them for a critical mission. The Freelancer notices something weird about Rose, so they ask if she's alright.

Rose says she is just tired, and then deflects it by asking if the Freelancer's Raven is a custom one. The Freelancer says it was a gift from someone they used to know. Rose feels bad about taking it, but the Freelancer tells Rose that they are entrusting the Raven to her. At the end of the cutscene, Rose tells the Freelancer her real name.


[Scene: Halcyon's shooting range. Rose is practicing there.]

Rose: You know it's not smart to sneak up on someone with a gun.
The Freelancer: Don't shoot. Wren sent me to come find you.
Rose: Tell him I don't have time to beat him at band hero again.
The Freelancer: Ha, no. He's got a new mission for us. Said it was critical. Guess we're heading out again.
Rose: Just as I was getting settled back in. Tell Wren I'll be there soon.
The Freelancer: Rose, are you alright?
Rose: I'm fine. Just tired.
The Freelancer: Rose...
Rose: Hey where did you get this gun?
The Freelancer: What?
Rose: It's a custom right? I've never seen one like it.
The Freelancer: It was... a gift from a someone I used to know.
Rose: ... Well now I feel bad for taking it.
The Freelancer: Nah. It was passed on to me and now I'm entrusting it to you.
Get your head in the game, Rose. We need you out there.
Rose: ... Rachael.
The Freelancer: What?
Rose: My name is Rachael.


  • This cutscene was initially called "Ops" until it was changed to Critical on November 7th, 2018.
  • Band Hero is an existing game. It is a spin-off of the popular game Guitar Hero.
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