Your character, The Freelancer, can be customized with various outfits, shades and hairstyles. Some of these customization options require the "Extended Customization" gamepass. There are male and female hairstyles, however they can be selected by both genders.



Extended Customization Shades

Entry Point Anniversary Shades

April Fools 2019 Shades

A Halcyon Holiday 2018 Shades

Halloween Hitlist 2018 Shades

Halloween Hitlist 2019 Shades

Halloween Hitlist 2020 Shades

Badge Shades

100 Million Visits Shades


Male Hairstyles

Female Hairstyles

Male Extended Customization Hairstyles

Female Extended Customization Hairstyles



Universal Outfits

Male Outfits

Female Outfits

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