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Dedication is the sixth cutscene that occurs in Entry Point. It takes place on May 16th, 2015.


The Freelancer and Wren are at a location named Crown Lake to bury a bodybag. The Freelancer is sitting on a log and Wren is next to him, leaning on a tree. They talk about Wren's past and how Jackdaw betrayed Halcyon.

When the Freelancer asks who is being buried, Wren pulls out a UP9 and shoots him twice. Wren reveals to him that he thinks the Freelancer has betrayed Halcyon. He is about to finish the Freelancer off, and his eyes close, but the shot never comes. Instead, Wren is lying dead on the ground next to them. The Freelancer then falls unconscious.

The Freelancer then wakes up in a medical bed, with Jackdaw sitting in front of them. The Freelancer exchanges a few words with Jackdaw before going to sleep.


[Scene: Crown Lake. The Freelancer is sitting on a log with Wren leaning on a tree next to them.]

The Freelancer: How did we get here?
Wren: What do you mean?
The Freelancer: What kind of life choices do you have to make to get where we're standing right now.
Wren: Does it really matter?
The Freelancer: Maybe it does, to some people.
Wren: Do you regret the choices you've made?
The Freelancer: Do you?
Wren: I've been with Halcyon 11 years. They've send me to spy, steal, and kill. I don't regret any of it. You want to know why we're here? Because someone betrayed us.
The Freelancer: Jackdaw. Nobody's told me, what did he do?
Wren: He attacked us. Killed our people, crippled the organization.
The Freelancer: Why though?
Wren: You think I care? I've got orders to put him in the ground, and that's what I'm going to do.
The Freelancer: Fair enough, I guess
Wren: The hole should be deep enough. Let's get on with it
The Freelancer: So who's in the bag?
Wren: Another traitor. Someone who thought they could sell our secrets to Phoenix. We caught them though. We always catch them

[Wren pulls out a UP9 and shoots the Freelancer three times. They go unconscious and when they open their eyes again they are lying on the ground in front of Wren.]

Wren: The word is out. Your squad is compromised. Nothing personal

[Wren aims his gun at the Freelancer and he closes his eyes as he is about to shoot. A shot is heard and a body falls to the ground. Wren is seen lying on the ground and the Freelancer closes his eyes. When they open his eyes again, he is lying in a medical bed, with Jackdaw sitting in a chair across the room.]

The Freelancer: You.
Jackdaw: Yeah. Me. You're welcome.
The Freelancer: Save it. I don't want to hear it.
Jackdaw: Fine. Get some rest. We've got work to do.


  • On December 12th, 2019, the dialogue was changed in an update.
  • Rose was killed on the same day this cutscene took place.
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