Disguises allow you to access new areas and they lower the detection of NPCs (Keep in mind some disguises let you be detected faster than others). Disguises can usually be acquired by knocking out an NPC and taking theirs, or in some special cases can be found around the map. Many of the disguises have different uses in missions, all of which can be found on the respective mission pages.


To equip a disguise you have to hold 'G' on an unconscious body or bodybag. If the NPC was killed then the disguise is ruined and can not be equipped. After the disguise is equipped the NPC will have some of their clothes removed and your player outfit will change to that of the disguise. Disguises can not be equipped if you are wearing Aegis armor.

Disguises will lower or negate the detection of other NPCs and prevent you from getting the Trespassing or Hostile Zone status in certain areas, although some areas are forbidden even with a disguise. How much the detection changes and where you can go heavily depends on the mission and can be found on the mission pages.

Civilian disguises

Basic civilian disguises worn by people who shouldn't be wearing armor or carrying dangerous weapons. They might get you access depending on whether or not the disguise belongs to an employee of some sort.

Disguise Missions Notes Catalog ID
Player Outfit At the start of most missions The clothing is what the player set for their character in the menu. -
Halcyon suit (old) The Financier Auto-equipped upon spawning.
Employee The Deposit, The Withdrawal Lower detection than security guard disguise.
Celebrity The Withdrawal Undetectable by guards. Becomes ineffective when the manager is neutralized.
Staff The Gala and The Auction Staff uniforms can only be detected by other staff members.
Tech The SCRS Does not have clearance for security areas.
Analyst The SCRS Does not have clearance for tech areas nor security areas.
Guest The Gala and The Auction Has a male and female variant and is auto-equipped upon spawning.
Black Dusk Looks and functions the same as an Analyst disguise.
Workshop Tech
Black Dusk Looks and functions the same as a Tech disguise.

Guard disguises

The people with actual security clearance, allowing for increased access to areas and the ability to walk around openly with gear. Certain security-level disguises will allow you to hold concealed weapons, carry bags, do certain actions and wear armor without being suspicious.

  • GunConcealed means it's possible to have a weapon out (or visible, yet holstered.) while wearing the disguise.
  • ArmorConcealed means it's possible to have armor worn on top of the disguise.
  • BagConcealed means having a bag worn still leaves your status as Disguised, rather than Conspicuous or Suspicious. It only applies to missions where having a bag is illegal in the first place.
  • GunVisible means that NPCs will be suspicious of you if you pull out a weapon or carry visible weapons.
  • ArmorVisible means that NPCs will be suspicious of you if you are wearing armor.
  • BagVisible means that NPCs will be suspicious of you carrying bags.
Disguise Missions Notes Catalog ID
Police Uniform
The Freelancer It can be found in the locker room of the police station.

Police in the Withdrawal wear this uniform

GunVisible ArmorConcealed
The Killhouse, The Deposit, The Withdrawal, The Gala, and The Cache A standard security guard uniform.
BagConcealed in The Gala, BagVisible in The Cache.
Steel Cove
GunVisible ArmorConcealed
The Blacksite Ineffective in the area between the spawn room and the prison block room.
GunConcealed ArmorVisible
GunConcealed ArmorConcealed BagConcealed
GunVisible ArmorConcealed BagVisible
The Financier (Bodyguard)
The SCRS (Security)
The Auction (Guard)
A formal security outfit that potentially comes with increased privileges.
GunVisible ArmorVisible
The Lakehouse This disguise has 3 different shirt variants.
GunVisible ArmorConcealed
The Scientist Auto-equipped upon spawning.
GunVisible ArmorVisible BagVisible
The SCRS Only has clearance for the first area of the mission.
Military Disguise
GunVisible BagVisible
Black Dusk Auto-equipped upon spawning. Only has clearance for the first area of the mission, trespassing other areas will result in a warning and trespassing beyond will give you Red Trespassing.
Base Security
GunVisible BagConcealed
Black Dusk Comes in two variants. Has the distinction of only consisting of a pants ID.
Elite Operative
GunConcealed BagConcealed
Black Dusk Looks the same as a Halcyon Operative disguise, but the operatives can be hostaged.

Unobtainable disguises

These are the outfits which multiple NPCs have, but can not be equipped as a disguise. Clothing for ingame characters can be found on their respective character page.

Disguise Catalog ID
Rose's prisoner uniform
Manager/Auctioneer outfit
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