"Join the criminal organization of Halcyon and enter a world of high profile operations. Take down banks and multi-millionaires; break your allies out of prison. Complete your missions stealthily, or put your full, explosive arsenal to use - the choice is yours."

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Entry Point Trailer

Entry Point Trailer

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  • discussion page Talk:Raven
    new comment by Percy672 2 minutes ago
    Comment: You need the gamepass to get it
  • discussion page Talk:Raven
    new comment by KOMUNAST 54 minutes ago
    Comment: How can I buy this I can’t see it in manage weapons
  • discussion page Talk:Rose
    new comment by KOMUNAST 1 hour ago
    Comment: Fffff
  • discussion page Talk:Rose
    new comment by KOMUNAST 1 hour ago
    Comment: I’m pretty sure she uses the thumpnite, thermite+ thumper.
  • discussion page Talk:Rose
    new comment by KOMUNAST 1 hour ago
    Comment: I can imagine most operatives don’t have bird code names. That’s because the main characters stole them all.
  • discussion page Talk:Character Creation
    new comment by Marcus the engine 1 hour ago
    Comment: You left sparrow and his donuts behind :C
  • discussion page Talk:Jackdaw (Cutscene)
    new comment by KOMUNAST 1 hour ago
    Comment: I have heard theories that sparrow will get shot down in this cutscene and or Jackdaw might die but jackdaw dying seems pretty unlikely.
  • discussion page Talk:Ironman
    new comment by Yazilol00 3 hours ago
    Comment: Unhelpful sounds bad... Maybe it's a hidden stat?
  • discussion page Talk:Ironman
    new comment by Yazilol00 3 hours ago
    Comment: That's why I'm preparing. And btw I take a random assortment of things seriously.
  • discussion page Talk:Enemies
    new comment by NPCPlayer2421 4 hours ago
    Comment: SWAT have new outfits tho, but I agree the SC Shredder does have the old swat outfit im surprised if the outfit the SC Shredder is wearing gets...
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