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Epilogue is a cutscene occurring on October 18th, 2017


Rose narrates several parts of the cutscene.

A flashback of the Freelancer contacting Jackdaw from the bunker elevator in Black Dusk. They explain that the elevator is locked down, and there's no time left to do anything. They exchange some last words before the bombs go off, killing the Freelancer.

Back in the current time, Jackdaw is holding the Director at gunpoint with the custom Raven. The Director says some last words before Jackdaw finishes them off. The screen fades and the credits appear.

After that the cutscene cuts to a shot of two memorials, one for Rose and for the Freelancer. The cutscene will stay here indefinitely, the player has to leave the game themselves.


Rose: Who would we be if we'd never joined Halcyon?
Would we still be criminals? Outlaws?
Was there ever another path for us?

[Scene: The Freelancer is at the elevator in Black Dusk.]

Freelancer: Jackdaw, the mission is complete
They know we're here. They've locked down the elevator
Jackdaw: Can you override it?
Freelancer: There's... no time [A red countdown from 00:25 begins]
We both knew this was a suicide mission
Jackdaw: No! You can't just give up!
Freelancer: Jackdaw. The mission is complete
Jackdaw: It's been an honor
[Countdown ends]

Rose: We didn't always do the right thing
Actually... we almost never did
Maybe we got what we deserved

[Scene: Jackdaw is holding the Director at gunpoint with the custom Raven in his own penthouse.]

The Director: This has been...
quite a long time coming, hasn't it?
Jackdaw: ...
The Director: Nothing to say, after all this time?
Well then. Get on with it
[Jackdaw shoots the Director once, and he falls dead. Jackdaw shoots him again.]

Rose: In the end we got what we wanted
Was it worth it?
Did we make a difference?

[The credits appear for a few seconds and then fade away into the next scene.]

[Scene: Another memorial next to the one seen in Retribution.]

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