Gamepasses can be bought for Robux to obtain various ingame objects such as more customization options or certain weapons. Entry Point currently has 5 gamepasses and they cost 1,985 Robux in total.


Extended Customization


"Let's be honest. We all know this is a donation gamepass. It's just a donation gamepass that gives you 15 new shades and 10 new hairstyle (5 male/5 female)."
This gamepass costs 35 Robux. Purchasing it will unlock new male and female customization options. If you purchased this gamepass before the release of The Deposit you would be rewarded with the Aegis Mask.

Double Experience


"Earn twice as much experience from all game modes, useful if you want to level up fast."
This gamepass costs 300 Robux. Purchasing it will award you double the XP from missions, Shadow War and PvP.



"Raises your level cap to 100 and lets you create a total of 12 operatives. The Free To Play level cap is 75. Why would anyone need 12 operatives, you might be asking? I don't know. Why would I know that? I'm not asking any questions here."
This gamepass costs 750 Robux. Purchasing this gamepass unlocks another 6 character slots, allowing you to make 12 of them in total. It also allows you to level up until lvl 100, giving you more perk points.

Expanded Arsenal


"Unlocks an extra 8 weapon slots in your arsenal. Also gives you access to the Raven handgun and MM20 SMG."
This gamepass costs 100 Robux. Purchasing it will give you 8 additional weapon slots and allow you to buy the Raven and MM20.

The Night Heists


"The Night Heists Expansion is a pack of three stealth only missions that revisit older locations from the game. The Withdrawal is now The Auction, The Killhouse is now The Gala, and The Deposit is now The Cache - put your stealth skills to the test and good luck infiltrating, because loud isn't an option."
This gamepass costs 800 Robux. Purchasing it will give you access to The Auction, The Gala and The Cache. You do not need the gamepass to play them, as you can join other people, but you need the gamepass to create lobbies for the missions.

Removed Gamepasses

Shadow War Global


"Halcyon's front line is expanding. Take the fight to new cities in this expansion to Shadow War."
This gamepass costed 80 Robux. It would give you access to Shadow War Global, however it was later removed and owners of the gamepass were given the Expanded Arsenal gamepass.

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