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"This organization of yours, does it have a name?"
"It does"

― The Freelancer and Wren

For the Halcyon cutscene, see Halcyon (Cutscene)

Halcyon is a private intelligence agency located primarily in Canada and lead by the Director. They have operations and personnel all around the globe both in urban and remote locations and their jobs range from contracts and heists to raids and kidnappings.


Halcyon is the first organization introduced in Entry Point. Initially, it is the Freelancer's main employer, they spend multiple years working for them, completing missions under the coordination of Wren and Rose.

In storyline


  • Halcyon is founded by Kingfisher and his 5 conspirators.



  • Rose and Wren join Halcyon and begin being trained by Jackdaw.


  • The Director orders Jackdaw to kill the last two remaining directors of Halcyon, Daisuke Masuda and Karina Levin.
  • Halcyon sends Wren and Rose to assassinate Jackdaw, however unbeknownst to Halcyon, Rose saves Jackdaw.


  • Black Dawn - Halcyon raids the Dawn Valley Defense Lab, however, their team is intercepted by Jackdaw during extraction.
  • The Freelancer - The Freelancer is contracted in Arizona to recover police evidence. They are later hired by Halcyon.
  • The Blacksite - Halcyon rescues one of their arrested operatives from a Steel Cove blacksite named "Wargate".
  • The Auction - A contract forces them to secretly obtain a gem case from their money launderers in San Francisco.


  • The Gala - Halcyon constructs a new killhouse to train operatives.


  • The Financier - Halcyon infiltrates the home of Ryan Ross, one of Phoenix's financial investors, with the goal of kidnapping them.


  • The Deposit - A Phoenix asset stored in a bank in Cincinati, Ohio is recovered by Halcyon.
  • The Lakehouse - Halcyon infiltrates a Phoenix safe house in Michigan.
  • Halcyon discovered Rose was a double agent working for Phoenix and sent out Falcon to assassinate her near Erie.
  • Dedication - Halcyon attempts to assassinate The Freelancer who they assumed had defected to Phoenix, however, they failed, and Wren is killed in the process.



  • The SCRS - A secret CSIS facility is raided by Phoenix to get Intel on a Halcyon bunker in Ontario. If the mission goes loud, Halcyon sends a gunship to stop the Freelancer.
  • Black Dusk - Phoenix carries out a massive coordinated assault against Halcyon. The Freelancer destroys the bunker researching Project Onyx and is killed in the process.
  • Epilogue - The Director is killed by Jackdaw, which claims Phoenix's victory in the shadow war.


  • Halcyon is the genus of tree kingfishers, relating to The Director's codename, Kingfisher, and fitting in with the rest of the pattern of bird names.
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