Halcyon is the second cutscene that occurs in Entry Point. It takes place on January 28th, 2012.


After the Freelancer retrieved the police evidence of Black Dawn, Halcyon finds a picture of Jackdaw. Wren informs the Director about this, as he was thought to be dead. It was Wren's job to kill Jackdaw and Wren is certain that he wanted to be seen, so that he can send a message. He also informs the Director that Rose was taken to Wargate, a government blacksite. The Director orders an immediate rescue.

Wren also asks if he should take out the Freelancer, but the Director decides on hiring them instead. Later, Wren has a call with them and offers them a permanent position at Halcyon, which they accept.


[Scene: Halcyon Headquarters. Wren is observing a large screen displaying Jackdaw.]

The Director: Wren.
Wren: Director. This is what the police investigation turned up.
The Director: Is that...
Wren: Yes.
The Director: You said he was dead.
Wren: I shot him twice and dropped a burning building on him. It seemed safe to assume.
The Director: The man has been a ghost for 5 years... and he slips up now?
Wren: ...Jackdaw doesn't make mistakes; he wanted to be seen. He's sending us a message.
The Director: And that would be?
Wren: He's back. He's angry.
And he wants revenge.
The Director: ...
Wren: There's something else. One of our operatives survived.
The police found her in the wreck, beaten, shot twice, and half dead.
The Director: Rose?
Wren: She always was a tough one. Government detained her somewhere...
Secret, high security. We think it's Wargate.
The Director: Then get her out.
And Wren?
Next time you see Jackdaw... Make sure you finish the job.
Wren: Understood. One more thing sir...
You want us to take out the freelancer? <Player's codename>?
The Director: No. I have a better idea.

[Scene: A hotel room. The Freelancer is in a phone call with Wren.]

The Freelancer: You want to hire me?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you just did that.
Wren: Consider this to be a more permanent position. Do you want to be a part of something bigger?
The Freelancer: Well... your payments came through. That's all I generally ask for.
Wren: Is that a yes?
The Freelancer: It is.
Wren: Good. Our organization has interest and operations all over the globe.
For someone with your skills, there will be plenty of opportunities.
The Freelancer: This organization of yours. Does it have a name?
Wren: It does.

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