Agent Hemlock is a security staff member working for the CSIS.


Hemlock's one and only appearance is in The SCRS, where he is on standard patrol around the complex.

He has black Cool Hair and a full beard. His outfit is black, from the blazer down to the boots, and he has a beard with a mustache.

In storyline

The SCRS - March 12th, 2017

The Freelancer is sent to Toronto by Jackdaw to infiltrate the Canadian intelligence service and retrieve plans for a bunker that Halcyon bought from the Canadian government. Hemlock is one among the two agents present, the other being Nightshade. He may be taken out during the mission.


Hemlock is encountered as an ingame NPC, patrolling The SCRS. He patrols around almost every spot in the facility, and usually stands where other guards would as well. He has a higher detection rate than other guards and can't be intimidated, but may drop a keycard along with a USB needed for a stealth objective. If the alarm is raised, Hemlock will hold his position and fire on any operatives he sees with a Raven.


  • Like Nightshade, he is named after a species of poisonous plants.
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