Jackdaw is the ninth cutscene occuring in Entry Point. It takes place on April 13th, 2017.


The Freelancer and Jackdaw are sitting in the back of a truck, discussing the final strike on Halcyon. Jackdaw tells them how Rose helped found Phoenix and also his motivations on destroying Halcyon. He tells the Freelancer that he will be stopping once Halcyon is finally destroyed, and recommends them to do the same.


Freelancer: Ever think we'd make it this far?
Jackdaw: Not a chance
You know how many bullets we've dodged?
Freelancer: We'll need a few more if want out of this alive
Jackdaw: We've got operatives gearing up in 12 countries
Halcyon is about to face the largest coordinated assault they've ever seen.
Freelancer: And hopefully the last
Jackdaw: You remember the day we met?
Freelancer: You put a gun to my head and said my friends would kill me
Jackdaw: Yeah... good times
Freelancer: Shut up, old man
Jackdaw: I wanted to recruit you, you know. Rose said no
Thought you'd be safer without Halcyon hunting you
Freelancer: And how'd that work out?
...I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
Why did she join Phoenix? How did you recruit her?
Jackdaw: Rachael didn't join Phoenix
She helped found it
Said Halcyon needed to be taken down
It was some kind of moral crusade for her
Freelancer: But not for you?
Jackdaw: I'm not an idealist, kid. I'm an operator
Freelancer: What does that mean?
Jackdaw: It means we live and die in the shadows
It means at the end of the day, it won't matter who wins this war
It means nobody cares if we're coming home
Freelancer: So why do it? Why come out of hiding? Why fight them?
Jackdaw: Same reason as you. Revenge
Freelancer: ...Is that really all?
Jackdaw: It's not going to bring you peace, you know
No solace. No tranquility. Just ashes
Freelancer: It's worth a shot
Jackdaw: Don't delude yourself
This is the final stop. End of the line
When we're done here, I'm getting out of the game
And I think you should too
Freelancer: We can worry about that when Halcyon is gone

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