A player can obtain various loot in missions. They range from intel objects required for mission completion to valuable loot which rewards you extra money.

Mission Rewards


Revenue comes from two sources: contract and bonus. Contract pay depends on the mission and difficulty and can be affected by how mission objectives were completed. Bonus pay comes from bringing extra loot to the escape point. It is cut by the number of operatives + 1 that operated in the mission. If an operative dies, that operative will still get revenue if the rest of the team successfully escapes.

In addition each time a mission is played you pay deployment costs for the equipment and weapons you bring to the mission. This is also affected by the difficulty as there is no deployment cost on Rookie and only 50% on Professional.


XP can be acquired in missions or other gamemodes like Shadow War and PvP. Getting XP will increase your character level and allow you to get more perks. Missions can reward you with two XP bonuses, one for completing it without raising the alarm, and one for not killing anybody.

The Pro Bonus is a special bonus that persists between missions. Completing any mission will add to the bonus until it reaches the cap of 35%. Rookie will add 1%, Professional will add 2%, Operative will add 3%, and so on. Failing a mission, disconnecting, or getting kicked during the mission will reset the bonus to 0%.


Name Mission Notes Image
Cash The Freelancer (Mission) This cash is in the first part of The Freelancer. It is located inside the vault and is required for mission completion.
The Muneh.png
Cash The Deposit Bundles of cash stored in the vault. If the vault is entered with thermite, this loot will be unavailable. Adds to bonus cash after the mission if brought to the exit point.
RobloxScreenShot20181208 212714350.png
Phoenix Stash The Deposit A box stored in the vault. Required for mission completion.
RobloxScreenShot20181208 212743466.png
Training Loot The Killhouse A yellow bag located in the Killhouse vault. Required for mission completion.
RobloxScreenShot20181208 223018976.png
Ryan Ross The Financier Ryan can be found wandering around his penthouse and he is required for mission completion. Gives full contract payment if extracted alive, otherwise half payment.
Ryan ross.png
Hard Drive The Financier A small hard drive that can be found in a safe hidden behind a random painting. Required for mission completion.
Cash The Withdrawal Bundles of cash stored in the vault. Required for mission completion.
Server The Lakehouse Servers found in the basement of the house. Required for mission completion.
Phoenix Intel The Lakehouse Intel boxes scattered across the map. Adds to bonus cash after mission for every intel brought to the exit point.
Gemcase The Auction A case with gems which is in the bank's vault. Required for mission completion.
Gem case.png
Artifact The Gala Found in display cases or crates. Required for mission completion.
Cash The Setup Bundles of cash in a pile found in the safe. Required for mission completion.
Pile of cash.png
Weapons The Lockup A gray bag found in the police station's lockup. Required for mission completion.
Weapons (or seized weapons).png
Gold The Score Gold bars (or golden bag when bagged) found in the armored trucks. Required for mission completion.

Gold Bars.png

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