Entry Point features many different organizations, most of which play a major role in the story. The involvement of each organization differs from being encountered multiple times to just once.


Halcyon is a criminal organization located primarily in Canada and lead by the Director. They have operations and personnel all around the globe both in urban and remote locations and their jobs range from contracts and heists to raids and kidnappings. Halcyon's main enemy is Phoenix, Jackdaw's organization intent on destroying Halcyon. The organization plays a major role in the story as initially the Freelancer is employed by them, however the sides change once Halcyon's assassination attempt of the Freelancer fails.


Phoenix is a criminal organization lead by Jackdaw. After Jackdaw was betrayed and almost assassinated by Halcyon, he planned revenge and created Phoenix to destroy them. Phoenix runs multiple operations all around the globe, focused on taking out Halcyon assets. These operations started a shadow war between Halcyon and Phoenix, with operatives raiding each other. Initially, Phoenix is depicted as the main enemy, but later on, the Freelancer joins them after Phoenix saves them from Halcyon's assassination attempt.

Steel Cove

Steel Cove is a paramilitary organization employed by the US government. They are involved in multiple illegal activities such as running blacksites, owning military grade weaponry and training and maintaining a private army. These activities are likely ignored by the government so that they can use the organization to get operations done which would otherwise not be possible. Steel Cove is encountered by the Freelancer twice in the story, in The Blacksite and The Lakehouse.

Law Enforcement

Throughout the story, both the USA and Canadian law enforcement are encountered. They respond to urban and rural locations in the form of trained combat units. Depending on the location different teams can be encountered, police departments and SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) respond in urban environments in the USA. In Canada, the TRU (Tactics and Rescue Unit) will respond near London, Ontario and in Toronto, the city's police tactical unit, the ETF (Emergency Task Force) is encountered. All of the tactical units attack with different units such as snipers, shields or Aegis.


The CSIS, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, or also knows as the SCRS, Service Canadien du Renseignement de Sécurité is Canada's intelligence agency, which works on finding and stopping any threats to Canada's national security. They employ multiple canadian agents, most notably Hemlock and Nightshade.

Cincinnati Trust

Cincinnati Trust is a bank located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The bank had connections with Ryan Ross as he stored an important Phoenix asset there. The bank employs multiple important people such as Maddox Grey, Joshua Haywood, Mila Barre and Victoria Diaz. After Ryan's death, Phoenix used the bank to transfer the millions of funds from his offshore accounts to Phoenix's accounts.

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