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Retribution is the seventh cutscene that occurs in Entry Point. It takes place on July 21st, 2015.


Jackdaw visits the Freelancer who is out in the wilderness at a cabin. The Freelancer wants to contact Rose, but Jackdaw tells them that they can't and explains that he was the one who trained Wren and Rose. He mentions that later on he was betrayed by Wren but saved by Rose. The Freelancer is shocked and confused as to why this is just occurring to them now, but Jackdaw asks them to follow him.

He leads the Freelancer to a small memorial. Jackdaw explains how Rose was one of the best Phoenix informants, and sacrificed herself to sell Halcyon's secrets. Afterwards, the Freelancer finally accepts that Halcyon is evil and agrees to avenge Rose after learning they killed her.


[Scene: A small cabin at an unknown location. The Freelancer is sitting on the porch and Jackdaw arrives in a van.]

The Freelancer: I want to reach out to Rose.
Jackdaw: You can't.
The Freelancer: Jackdaw, I trust her. And she could help us. Even if she hates you, she won't betray me.
Jackdaw: Did she ever tell you I trained her? Her and Wren both. Now Wren... that little psychopath. Shot me in the back the second he got orders. Rose saved my life.
The Freelancer: But... wait....
Jackdaw: Follow me.

[Scene: A sandy area near the cabin. The Freelancer is very shocked.]

The Freelancer: What is this?
Jackdaw: She worked for us. She was the best informant we had. They found out.
The Freelancer: Jackdaw, what is this?
Jackdaw: It's not much but.... I hope she would have liked it.

[The camera shows a small memorial next to the water.]

Jackdaw: I tried to pick... a good spot. Somewhere with nice sunsets.
The Freelancer: You got her killed.
Jackdaw: We all make our own choices, kid. She knew what she was doing. You can stand here and blame me or you can help me destroy the people responsible
The Freelancer: I'll help you kill Halcyon. But after that.... You and I are going to have a long chat, old man.
Jackdaw: Assuming that means we're both still alive. I'm looking forward to it.

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