"Brilliant? Yes. Ambitious? Absolutely. You command the type of respect you can only earn at the top of your field. There won't be any of your colleagues replacing you any time soon, you're sure of that."
― The Intellectual's Gear Description

Celeste Rivera or Horizon is a side character in Entry Point. She is an experienced Halcyon scientist who defected to Phoenix.


Little is known about Celeste Rivera. She was a Halcyon Scientist who offered to give vital information to Phoenix if she were to be extracted from her safe house. Her codename is Horizon.

Rivera wears a white shirt with a dark blue vest and dark pants, along with a watch on her right hand. As her title suggests, she seems to be extraordinarily intelligent and even has to help out the Freelancer during stealth. Her knowledge is very broad and she knows very much about Halcyon.

In storyline

Rivera's past

Rivera was an eminent computer scientist recruited by Halcyon in San Francisco and worked as a consultant for one of their projects. She requested a transfer to a safehouse near London, Ontario and was kept there till December 24th, 2016.

The Scientist - December 24th, 2016

The Freelancer is sent to extract Rivera from the aforementioned safehouse. During the mission, they also encounter the Halcyon operative, Falcon, who is the Head of Security of the safehouse. She is classified as MIA by Halcyon after this mission.


Rivera can be encountered as an in-game NPC in The Scientist. She will wait outside of the saferoom once you rescue her, going to the escape once all objectives are completed. If loud initiates she is executed by her guard if you didn't take them out already.

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