Rose is the third cutscene that occurs in Entry Point. It takes place on February 21st, 2012.


The Director informs Rose that Jackdaw is alive, which surprises her. It is revealed that Rose was on the scene too and saw how a burning building fell on Jackdaw, however she did not see him die. The Director also informs her about her new position as a mission coordinator.

After the discussion Rose interrupts the conversation between Wren and the Freelancer. She tells Wren that she was promoted and informs the Freelancer that she is their new mission coordinator.


[Scene: A private interrogation room.]

Rose: No way. It's not possible.
The Director: Roselin...
Rose: No. I saw that building fall. No way he made it out alive
The Director: Did you actually see him? Go down?
Rose: No, but if Wren says he was shot... You know he was shot. No way he made it out, we barely did
The Director: Regardless... Here we are
Rose: Then it's my turn. Wren had his chance. Next time we find him, I get to kill him
The Director: We... Need to discuss that actually

[Scene: A hallway within Halcyon's HQ. Wren is speaking with The Freelancer.]

Wren: You did good out there
The Freelancer: Thanks... So, what happens now?
Wren: Now, you're going to...
Rose: WREN!!
Wren: Rose. Welcome back...
Rose: Shut up, I know you missed me.
They... promoted me, Wren
Wren: I know
Rose: It's your fault, isn't it
You. <Player's codename> right? I'm your new mission coordinator
The Freelancer: ...Looking forward to working with you
Rose: You're dang right you are. Now come on. Let's get to work


  • Watching this cutscene will award the "Road to Revenge" badge.
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