Keep all communications polite and professional
No yelling, cursing, discriminatory and/or otherwise offensive language.

No inappropriate behaviour
Ever. For any reason.

Do not post inappropriate content
Remember this is a Roblox game.

No advertising
That includes discord server invites and other social media.

Don't post demands and call them suggestions
We know the difference.

Do not necropost
Keep discussions in recent topics, there is no need to reply to a blog from a month ago. Those posts are outdated and misinformed, replying to them will get you blocked.

Don't ask to be a Moderator or Admin
The answer will be no.

Vandalism will not be tolerated
That's a quick permanent ban.

No antagonizing other wiki members for any reason
Just no.

The length of any block will be left to the moderators discretion.

Do not comment on this page. If you have questions ask them on the rules blog post.

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