"You've got the wealth, you've got the helicopter, and you've got the enemies. Sure, you're being hunted by a shadow organization, but at the very least, you're still living in style."
― The Capitalist's Suit Description

Ryan Ross is a side character in Entry Point. He is a multi-millionaire who is financing Phoenix operations.


Ryan Ross is only encountered in The Financier, where his interrogation and extraction/elimination are the main objectives of the mission. While the exact manner of his death is unknown, it is presumed that he was killed during the mission or after interrogation.

Ryan wears an almost purely white outfit; white suit, white pants, and black shoes. He has grey colored charmer hair. In the game, Ryan's behaviors and extensive security reflect his paranoia, surrounding himself with guards, and if alerted, locking himself in a sturdy panic room, as well as carrying a Raven handgun.

In storyline

October 3rd, 2012

A warehouse in Rhode Island, formerly leased to Ryan Ross, is the site of an incursion on Halcyon's network. The hackers stole an unknown amount of data before they were cut off. The investigation that followed did not return any leads.

February 21st, 2014

Another warehouse formerly leased to Ryan Ross is the site of a failed network incursion. The hackers were traced to New Jersey. It is unknown if the following investigation produced any leads, but Halcyon made the connection regarding Ryan Ross's former ownership of both facilities.

The Financier - March 2nd, 2014

Halcyon has been facing many coordinated attacks by Phoenix and they manage to find out one of Phoenix's financial backers, a man named Ryan Ross. The Freelancer is sent to New York to kidnap him and retrieve intelligence on past transactions.

The Deposit - April 17th, 2015

The intel from Ryan Ross includes information about a Phoenix stash held at a bank in Cincinnati. The Freelancer is sent to retrieve the stash.

The Cache - September 19th, 2015

Following the events of The Financier, Phoenix lost all connections with Ross, including his banking accounts. Ross had ties to Cincinnati Trust, and there was a considerable amount of money in his offshore accounts, but they couldn't be accessed because such a large transfer of money would be flagged for review. The Freelancer is sent by Jackdaw to get into Cincinnati Trust's network ahead of time, allowing Phoenix to manually approve the transfers.


Ryan Ross can be encountered as an in-game NPC in The Financier. He roams the inside with a personal bodyguard following him on higher difficulties. If Ryan is killed or knocked out, the alarm will sound after 1 minute. If the alarm sounds, Ryan will run to his panic room and lock himself in, wielding a Raven once inside.


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