Where to access the shooting range.

The Shooting Range was a feature added on December 15, 2018. The shooting range is a place on Halcyon Property which allows you to test out weapons and attachments before deciding on whether or not you'd like to buy them. You can find the button to go into the Shooting Range via the Loadout menu.


Shooting range menu.

In the shooting range, you are first greeted with a menu featuring a UP9 on display as well as 6 buttons to choose the different type of weapon you want to test. There are currently only 6 available types of weapons to use: Pistol (UP9, Raven, K45), SMG (S97, MM20), Rifle (CBR-C, F57), Sniper (CH-A), Shotgun (480 MCS) and Heavy (Sawblade). (You cannot currently use a Thumper, due to one particular person.) You can select each weapon and select the attachments to apply to the weapon. You can also see the stats of each weapon with and without attachments.

A view of the shooting range.


The shooting range arena is seen as a long, rectangular room. Your spawn point is littered with boxes around the walls, with a couple of vents and pipes running along the walls and the roof. Behind you are the doors that lead into the shooting range. The point that separates the targets from you is a thin wall, with little cubicles set up in an orderly fashion for you to shoot in. Ahead of these cubicles are the actual targets. These targets are set on walls and concrete blockers, and the farthest targets are set in wooden frames. The targets are of a hexagonal shape and are made of metal plating with neon blue accents glowing on them. Targets will take up to 2 shots depending on the damage of your weapon before folding backwards. After falling, the targets will not reset until 22 seconds (approximate time) has passed. To exit the shooting range, hold ‘M’ and press return to lobby.

Damage Table

This table lists the amount of damage required from Modifications and Perks in order to down a target in one shot. The targets have slightly less health than a standard SWAT Soldier on Operative difficulty when shot in the head, and take the same damage at all distances.

  • Weapon Training increases the damage of a specified weapon type by 10%.
  • Vital Targets increases the damage of all weapons by 5%.
  • Suppressors increase the damage of the weapon by 5%.
Weapon Type Damage% Required
UP9 Pistol - Semi-Auto 195%
K45 Pistol - Semi-Auto 175%
Raven Pistol - Semi-Auto 135%
S97 SMG - Full-Auto 195%
MM20 SMG - Burst 160%
480 MCS Shotgun - Pump Action 100%
CH-A Sniper - Semi-Auto 100%
CBR-C Rifle - DMR 145%
F57 Rifle - Assault 175%
Sawblade Heavy - LMG 175%
Thumper Heavy - Grenade Launcher Unavailable


  • The cutscene for Critical is set in the shooting range.
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