This page explains how multiple aspects of the game affect the damage, health and speed of a player or NPC. Exact numbers to be used in the calculations can be found on the weapons or enemies pages. As this page is very technical, feel free to ask questions in the comments.


Base Damage

The base damage is the damage done by a single bullet. You can increase the base damage up to 241.5% with perks and a suppressor depending on the weapon and a headshot will multiply the base damage by 4. This base damage value is the highest amount of damage a bullet could theoretically deal. All the other factors only decrease the overall damage.


When a bullet passes through any object a penetration penalty is applied. This penalty is not applied directly, instead is is applied as "bullet distance spent", meaning that penetrating an object will apply a greater damage dropoff penalty. The amount of "distance" a bullet looses depends on the distance between the entry point and exit point, the type of material it penetrated, and the penetration coefficient of the gun.

Basically a bullet penetrating a wall is technically the same as that same bullet already having travelled n amount of studs.

Damage Dropoff

A damage dropoff penalty is applied after the bullet has travelled a certain distance. Every gun has a minimum range value, as long as the bullet does not travel more than that it will deal 100% of its damage. Once it travels more than its minimum range, it will linearly loose damage until it reaches its maximum range, where it will do minimum damage. Any further and the bullet disappears.

If a bullet had penetrated an object earlier it would have already had more distance travelled and thus a greater dropoff penalty would be applied.


Armor blocks a certain percentage of incoming damage. Each armor has a block rate for high penetration bullets and low penetration bullets, but currently only the CH-A is capable of shooting high penetration bullets.

Low pen block rate High pen block rate
II-A Scout 45% 20%
III-A Raider 65% 55%
III-A Frontline 60% 50%
III Aegis 80% 70%

NPC Damage

If the bullet is shot by an NPC a damage multiplier is applied depending on the difficulty. The Max Damage value indicates the damage enemies will deal on The Black Dusk after completing all other missions in an Ironman run on loud.

Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
Damage Dealt 0.75% 1.5% 4% 12.5% 37.5%
Max Damage


3.02% 6.03% 16.1% 50.3% 151%


Base damage * Damage dropoff * Armor block rate * NPC damage reduction = Damage


Player Health

The player has 100 health or 200 with every vitality perk. Additionally Mercenaries have an extra 40 health as part of their perk, allowing for a maximum of 240 health.

NPC Health

NPCs have varying amounts of health, which scale depending on the difficulty. For every added difficulty above rookie they gain +15% of their base health, up to a total of 160% base health on legend.


The player has 100 base stamina, which is enough for 10 seconds of sprinting. Each Conditioning perk grants 20 stamina and being a Mercenary grants 40 stamina for a maximum of 340.

It takes 10 seconds to recover stamina from empty to full, regardless of how much the player has. However, Mercenaries also gain a 40% boost to stamina recovery speed, reducing their recovery time to 7.14 seconds.

Movement Speed

Equipment Speed

Having bags, armor, and weapons equipped will reduce your speed to the amount listed. The penalty depends on what type of bag, armor, of weapon it is. Only the biggest weapon penalty applies, and it doesn't count if it's in a bag.

Light bags are backpacks and cash bags, medium bags are bodybags and loud objective bags, and heavy bags are servers and other heavy objects. Note that these values are only estimates, exact speed penalties often vary from bag to bag.

Weapon Speed Armor Speed Bag Speed
Pistols 100% II-A Scout 95%


Light Bag 90%
SMGs 95% III-A Raider 95%


Medium Bag 75%
Primaries 90% III-A Frontline 90%


Heavy Bag ≤70%
Thumper 85%


III Aegis 80%


Sawblade 70%


Green numbers are values with mastery perks

Speed Recovery Perks

Speed Recover perks like Heavy Weapons Mastery or Demolitions Expert will reduce the speed penalty of an equipment by a given percentage, with Heavy Weapons cutting the penalty by 50% and Demoltions Expert cutting the penalty by 40%.


The penalty isn't additive; multiplying your base speed of 100% by the speed of the bag, armor, and weapon you're using will show you how fast you move with all of these equipped.

Weapon speed * Armor speed * Bag speed = Speed

Interaction Speed

Any perk related to speed generally has enough for a 100% increase, which greatly reduces the time needed to finish the associated interaction. The formula is simple enough, and shows how additional perks have diminishing returns.

  • Fast Hands, Speed Hack, Equipment Specialist, Overdrill, and Quick Swap are all speed perks.
  • The interaction times based on speed increases are as follows:
    • +25% speed = 80% time
    • +50% speed = 66.6% time
    • +100% speed = 50% time
    • +150% speed = 40% time


100 ÷ (100 + Speed bonus) = % Interaction time
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