Operatives have access to a multitude of stats in Entry Point, which affect their combat strength, stealth ability, and speed among other things. These can be increased using Perks.

For an in-depth analysis on stats, see Stat Interaction


All operatives will start with 100 health, which is represented by a green bar in the player's HUD. Vitality perks will increase this by 5 points each, up to 100 points if all 20 Vitality perks are used. Additionally, the Mercenary's Combat Mastery starting perk grants 40 points of health, allowing for a maximum of 240 health if every health perk is used.

As an operative starts to lose health, their screen will lose color, sounds become muffled, and their heartbeat will become increasingly audible. They can recover lost health by using First aid kits, which recover 50 health. This can be increased by 10 points using Battlefield Medicine perks up to five times, allowing for First aid kits to restore 100 health. When an operative's health is depleted, they will die and their heartbeat will fade.


Stamina is used for moving faster by sprinting and is represented by a white bar in the player's HUD. From the start, operatives will be able to sprint nonstop for a full 10 seconds without any perks. Conditioning perks will add 2 seconds to the total sprint time up to ten times. The Mercenary's Combat Mastery perk grants 4 seconds of sprint time, allowing for a maximum of 34 seconds of sprinting. After a short delay, stamina recovers at a rate of 100% over 10 seconds. Though this can be shortened to a quicker 6 seconds with the Combat Mastery perk.

In Shadow War, stamina is significantly harder to maintain. Operatives can only sprint for 5 seconds at best, and take 20 seconds to completely recover their stamina.


Armor is used to protect operatives from sustained weapons fire during skirmishes with multiple waves of enemies. The durability of armor is represented by a blue bar in the player's HUD. If their durability drops below 50% its protection will decrease until it is broken. Some perks can be used to improve the effectiveness of armor.

  • The Engineer's Demolitions Expert perk reduces speed penalties from armor by 40%.
  • Shock Plating is a minor perk that increases the durability of armor by 10% each. They do not improve on damage reduction, they only make it last longer.


Completing objectives will mean that operatives will have to interact with numerous items to progress. Sometimes it is a lengthy procedure, but there are several perks that can help expedite the process.

Equipment Interaction Speed

The Equipment Specialist perk will make a variety of items faster to use by 10% each, up to a maximum of 100%. The perk affects the usage of following objects:

  • C4
  • Breaching Charge
  • Keycard
  • Keycard Scrambler
  • First Aid Kit
  • Some mission specific equipment

Hacking Speed

The Speed Hack perk will make it easier to hack into computers and tamper with cameras. Each perk will increase hacking speed by 10%, up to a maximum of 100%. This perk affects the following hacking actions:

  • Hacking computers
  • Hacking the computer in The Scientist
  • Tampering with Cameras

Drilling Speed

The Overdrill perk makes the lengthy process of manually drilling a door faster by 10% each, up to a maximum of 100%. As the name implies, it will affect the Drill and Silent Drill.

Lockpicking Speed

The Fast Hands perk increases the rate at which an operative can bypass a locked door by 10% each, up to a maximum of 150%. This affects the Lockpicking Kit, but will also affect safecracking.

Weapon Handling

Fast Hands doesn't just increase lockpicking speed, it also increases weapon swap speed by 5% each, up to a maximum of 75%.

The Quick Swap perk increases the speed at which an operative can reload their weapons by 5% each, up to a maximum of 100%. It also makes the 480 MCS pump faster after firing a shot.

The Pistol Mastery perk increases reload speed when using a single pistol by 25%.



The Out of Sight perk makes an operative harder to detect by decreasing the rate at which NPCs detect them while they have a red status. It lowers detection by 10% each, up to a maximum of 200%.

Disguise Effectiveness

The Masquerade perk makes it harder for NPCs to detect a disguised operative, whether they're doing something conspicuous or not. It lowers detection by 10% each, up to 50%. The Art of the Steal adds an additional 50% disguise effectiveness.


NPCs can be taken hostage at greater ranges by use of Intimidation perks, which increase an operative's natural intimidation range by 10%, up to a maximum of 100%. Additionally, this also increases the speed at which an NPC is interrogated. The Shotgun Mastery perk increases intimidation range by 50% with shotguns.


Deep Pockets increase reserve ammo by 5% each, up to a maximum of 100%. Hidden Reserves grants access to the Concealed Ammo Vest, which increases reserve ammo by an additional 50% when equipped.


Vital Targets increases the base damage of all weapons by 5% each, up to a maximum of 100%. Each weapon class also has three training perks that increase the damage of that specific weapon type by 10% each, up to three times for 30%. Adding a suppressor to a weapon increases its damage by 5%, this is applied separately from perks.

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