"You took care of the guards?"
"Yeah, whoever they are. Thought this place was a military base."
"Government, but not military. These guys are Steel Cove."

― Rose and the Freelancer

Steel Cove is a paramilitary organization founded by the US government. They only appear twice and do not have much impact on the story.


Steel Cove is first encountered in The Blacksite where Halcyon infiltrates Wargate, one of Steel Cove's blacksites located in Alaska.

Steel Cove possesses an arsenal consisting of trained soldiers, heavy units and even military gunships. They also have multiple facilities all around the United States including blacksites such as Wargate.

In storyline


  • Blake Danger, a Steel Cove operative, was rising quickly in the organization, but refused to comply with specific orders from his CO. This ended in a dispute with and eventual death of the officer in question, and Blake on the run.


  • The Blacksite - A Steel Cove blacksite is infiltrated by Halcyon to extract one of their imprisoned operatives.


  • The Lakehouse - Steel Cove is tipped off by Rose about the Phoenix safe house in Michigan, and they send a military convoy to the safehouse to raid it. However, the safehouse's intel is stolen by Halcyon.
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