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"Nobody gets to the top by playing nice; you know that better than anyone else. You've been running this game for years, and you know all the tricks. Pawns fall, but nobody will ever take you down."
― The Kingpin's Suit Description

Mason Wolfe, also known as The Director or Kingfisher, is one of the main characters in Entry Point and the leader of Halcyon. He is only seen during the beginning and at the end of the game, but he is responsible for multiple events that occur during the game.


The Director is first introduced in the Halcyon cutscene and is the one who hired the Freelancer for Halcyon. He oversees all the operations and activities of Halcyon, while other members like Wren or Rose coordinate the actual missions. He is last seen in the Epilogue cutscene and is likely responsible for the death of Rose.

The Director has a very formal look, wearing a black suit and black shades. He is older than most of the characters as hinted by his white hair and beard.

Not much is known about The Director as he barely appears in the game, though detailed information on him is in The Deposit's lock file. He is professional and decisive, with most of the operations having likely been planned by him.

In storyline

Early life

Mason Wolfe is born in Manchester, UK, in 1955. At some point in his life, he joins MI6 and works for it for 8 years but then leaves it to pursue his own aspirations. He leaves Britain.


Mason Wolfe and his 5 conspirators found their own private intelligence agency known as Halcyon.


The Director orders Jackdaw to kill the 2 remaining directors of Halcyon, Daisuke Matsuda, and Karina Levin, for him to gain complete control over Halcyon. Afterwards, he gave the order to execute Jackdaw during operation Ember Shroud, however, unbeknownst to Halcyon he was saved by Rose.

Halcyon (Cutscene) - January 28th, 2012

Wren and the Director discuss the reappearance of Jackdaw in Halcyon's headquarters. They come to the conclusion that he wanted to send a message and that he wants revenge. Wren also informs him that Rose was taken to Wargate and the Director orders an immediate rescue.

Rose (Cutscene) - February 21st, 2012

After Rose's recovery, she has a discussion with the Director in Halcyon's headquarters. When he mentions that Jackdaw is still alive, she claims it is impossible as she saw Wren shooting Jackdaw and dropping a burning building on him.

Epilogue - October 18, 2017

Following the events of Black Dusk, Jackdaw is seen pointing a gun at The Director. After his final words, a shot in the chest brings him to the ground and a shot in the head finishes him off.

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