"So... you can probably guess, this is a robbery."
― The Freelancer

The Freelancer is a tutorial on both stealth and the basics of loud. It is the first mission you can play in the storyline and it has a guide that guides you through both parts. The first part was only added on September 17th, 2019.


Part 1

The Freelancer enters a small bank within a rural part of Arizona to steal money. They take everyone in the bank hostage before using C4 on the vault to open it. The Freelancer drills through the vault door, then takes the money. The Freelancer then finds a keycard and uses it on the back door to exit and escape on a motorcycle.

During the tutorial, a police car will spawn, with two police officers. They will not move and only shoot you through the window, and they cannot kill you. The police do not respawn.

Part 2

The Freelancer is hired by an anonymous individual, who later turns out to be Wren. He wants you to steal evidence about the events that happened during Black Dawn. They infiltrate a police station, acquire the evidence from the station's storage and hack their servers.

Most of the text boxes were removed after the overhaul. The progression of this part is very linear and getting detected or failing an objective will reset you at a nearby checkpoint. Police Officers can be found in the main room, sitting at computers or standing next to desks, and also one will spawn after interacting with the computer.


Part 1

  • Press F to shout
  • Shoot the door handle
  • Plant the C4
  • Stand clear
  • Press 6 to detonate the C4
  • Grab the drill
  • Drill the door
  • Take the cash
  • Grab the keycard
  • Escape

Part 2

Breaking and Entering 101

  • Get inside the precinct

Infiltration 101

  • Go to evidence storage
  • Interrogate the civilian
  • Search the lockup
  • Hack the computer


  • In earlier versions of the mission, the Freelancer had a UP9 and you had to hide the alerted guard with a bodybag.
  • In Part 1, the player has an unmodded Raven with 1,000 bullets which could be seen by opening your inventory on console.
  • Left of the big window in the main hall of Part 2's police station is a text box that says "THE VIEW - Yes, it's nice, BUT YOU'RE ON A MISSION".
  • After the revamp on September 17th, 2019, Part 2 was changed again on January 24th, 2021.
  • If your starting class was Hacker, then the door at the beginning of Part 2 will be a keycard door instead of a metal door.
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