"You know, most vacation homes don't have massive security doors in them"
"Almost makes you think they're hiding something"

― The Freelancer and Rose

The Lakehouse was the fifth story mission to be released and the fifth mission chronologically. It was released on August 31st, 2019, offering every difficulty.


In the mission the Freelancer is tasked with infiltrating a Phoenix safehouse. The mission is coordinated by Wren and Rose and it takes place in Michigan.


The map is located on the shore of Lake Huron in Michigan. The area is surrounded by hills, trees and there is a road leading into a tunnel. The playable area is fenced off, but there is a small area outside where you spawn in. The house is made up of a ground floor, an upper floor and a basement.

The ground floor has multiple rooms, a garage, a kitchen, stairs to the upper floor and the heavy security door. It can be accessed by multiple doors all around the building. Around the house itself are walkways and bushes. There is also a van in the entryway and a dock at the back which houses a boat. The upper floor has smaller rooms and multiple balconies which can also be accessed from outside.

There are 6 small siderooms that can contain one of 5 Things. There will be one camera operator room and the rest are storage rooms that house bonus supplies. These include in total 1 drill, 0-2 units of C4/proximity mines each, 1-3 medkits and 2 cans of thermite.

The basement can be accessed with the heavy security door and contains an abandoned laboratory with a server room.


There is only 1 type of NPC found in the mission: Phoenix Operatives. They are guards that wear one of three tactical uniforms and roam the mission area. Unlike average guards, they cannot be intimidated. If the head of security objective hasn't been completed yet, they will also always have a radio when knocked out or killed.

The camera operator in the mission is a special variant as they can be intimidated and interrogated. This will give you the optional head of security objective.

However, if you were to do this mission on loud you would encounter Steel Cove Soldiers.

Mission Progression

Stealth and Loud follow mostly the same path with a few minor differences. Stealth also has a timer of around 10 minutes and 30 seconds on rookie and as low as 9 minutes on legend, after which loud will initiate no matter what.


In stealth you have to first get into the house which can be done by either rewiring an outside circuit box which will open up one random door, or blowtorch any door, which will force it open. Once you have found the heavy security door you have to open it with a code. The code can be found in one of the 3 files scattered around the inside of the house. With the code you can open and close the door, but guards will notice an opened door. In the basement you have to open the server room door by blowtorching it, drilling it, or using the timelock. Alternatively you can also shoot the breaker switch through the glass with a sniper with mastery or through the side of the door with a shotgun, which will open the door. Once inside Rose will examine the servers and you will have to extract one of them to the back of the house where you can escape with a boat.

Optionally you can always interrogate the camera operator which will give you the head of security objective. Taking out the camera operator and head of security will disable the radios Phoenix operatives get when you knock them out. It will also give you a keycard which can be used to open the timelock at the server room.


In loud you follow the same path as stealth, infiltrating and getting to the heavy security door. After that you can either open the door or burn through the floor with thermite. To open the door you can either blow it open with 3 C4 or Thumper shots, drill it open or torch it open. Torching it open takes 30 seconds while drilling takes 60 seconds for one spot. 2 canisters of thermite can be found in one of the side rooms. There are 3 spots to place it, but you are guaranteed to get it by your second try. If you enter the server room with the thermite you can open the door with the breaker switch. Since the power was cut you will have to move every server to the boat at the back of the house. Another alternative way of getting to the servers is using a high penetration weapon like the CH-A, for example. By shooting the small breaker on the wall in the server room, the door will automatically unlock. Throwing a grenade near the door also can break the switch. Additionally you can shoot it with some guns by aiming between the concrete strip and the metal bar outlining the window.

During loud an enemy gunship will spawn which has to be taken down to extract. When it will spawn depends on how you initiated loud. It will either spawn instantly after running out of time in stealth or by loading 1-4 servers.


The Lakehouse (Stealth)

  • Find the exterior circuit box
  • OR break through one of the doors
  • Investigate the house
  • Get past the security door
  • Investigate the basement
  • Access the computer
  • Wait for Rose to search through the computer
  • Take the server and evac

Intel: Head of Security (Optional)

  • Head of Security carries a special keycard.

The Lakehouse (Loud)

  • Investigate the house
  • Get past the security door
  • Investigate the basement
  • Get the servers to the boat
  • Take down the gunship
  • Escape


Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
Guards (outside) 2 2 3 4 4
Guards (inside) 3 3 3 4 4
Camera Operator 1 1 1 1 1


You can acquire up to 8 boxes of Phoenix Intel and escape with them to gain extra money. Each operative can carry up to 3 boxes and they must be holding them in order to gain the bonus. Operatives receive a cut of the bonus based on how many are present at the end of the mission.

  • Playing solo grants a 50% cut.
  • Two operatives grants a 40% cut.
  • Three operatives grants a 30% cut.
  • Four operatives grants a 25% cut.
Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
XP 5,000 10,000 14,000 18,000 25,000
Bonus XP (No kills + no alarms) 1,000+1,000 2,000+2,000 2,800+2,800 3,600+3,600 5,000+5,000
Contract $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000
Bonus (Per Box) $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000


  • Crossfire Cove - Complete "The Lakehouse"
  • Time Crunch - Complete "The Lakehouse" on Operative or above without setting off the alarm
  • Black Stone Beaches - Complete "The Lakehouse" on Legend without killing anyone or setting off the alarm
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