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The Lock is a feature that was implemented on December 10th, 2018. The Lock is the semi-transparent black box under the experience bar that can be typed in.

The Lock update implemented certain words and phrases scattered throughout missions in Entry Point that can be typed in a grey bar at the bottom of the menu screen. If the correct codes are entered, special files that are supplementary to the story of Entry Point will appear on your screen. This information is not required to understand the story, but they do provide interesting backstory.

A small Freefall Softworks logo can be found in the vicinity of some codes. There is a total of 16 codes implemented in the game.


The Freelancer's code is found in the second part of the mission. Before entering the main room with the police officers there is an infotext about viewing controls. The code phrase Epoch is on the back of the text with low opacity. The logo is next to the text in a corner.


After Action Report
Black Dawn

Client: XO-15
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Target: Dawn Valley DL
Date: 2012-01-12

Mission Coordinator:
[OA-1] Wren

[OA-2] Roselin (MIA)
[DOD-10] Pathfinder (KIA)
[DOC-23] Updraft (KIA)

Mission Objectives
Obtain intel relating to Project Onyx
Destroy the Dawn Valley Defense Lab
Mission Report
At approximately 22:45 EST, operatives breached into the target facility and confirmed extraction of the Project Onyx files. Shortly after they confirmed extraction and destruction of the lab. At 23:52 we lost contact with our operatives.
Because of the immediacy of the situation, and having no suitable nearby assets, our organization contracted a local freelancer to investigate. The freelancer discovered our transport had been ambushed in the Tonto National Forest area, and operatives Pathfinder and Updraft had been killed. Initial report mention a heavily wounded female operative, but gaps in the reports lead us to believe that operative Roselin was detained by American authorities to be held without trial. The freelancer has been retained for our organization.
Wren's Notes
The assailant that attacked out transport has been identified as Jackdaw [DOA-1] and is being re-designated as [PT-1]. Given the events of May 2007, we believe he may be targeting our organization as an act of revenge. Halcyon was given very explicit instructions by the client to destroy the defense lab, not steal it's records and research. Jackdaw could do serious damage to our relationship with this client if he exposes these files, or if he chooses to finish the research himself. We don't know what, if any organization is currently backing him, or if he has the resources to complete this project. Eliminating Jackdaw and recovering the Project Onyx files is now our organization's top priority.

The Deposit's code can be found in the entrance lobby of the bank. There is a big wall decoration on the right wall which is disguised Morse code. White stripes represent dashes, short white lines are dots and black stripes and linebreaks differentiate between the letters. Taking the morse code and decrypting it will give you the code phrase Defector. The logo is on a wall decoration next to the morse code. The code for this mission used to be Kingfisher until it was changed later on.


Personnel File
Last Updated: 2015-06-23

Designation: BA-1
DOB: 1955-12-27
Country: United Kingdom

Kingfisher was raised in Manchester, England, and joined the Secret Intelligence Service in his twenties. He was with MI6 for a short eight years before breaking with the organization to pursue his other aspirations. He used the connections he had established to leave the country and start running his own operation overseas. Kingfisher and his conspirators founded their private intelligence service in 1987. Of the six original founders, only one is still alive; Kingfisher is the last living member of Halcyon's board of directors, and is now known only as "The Director".

The Financier's code is found on the screen of the laptop which also has the logo on the back of it. When hacking it, 6 numbers will appear on the top of the hack window. These can be grouped into 2 number triplets. In total there 4 different number variants, totalling to 8 number triplets so you have to play the mission multiple times until you get all the combinations. Once the numbers have been obtained, they can be decrypted using the Trifid cipher. The decryption table which has to be used can be found on the Trifid ciphers's wikipedia page. Once the numbers are decrypted to letters, they can be unscrambled to get the code phrase Backlash.


Internal Report: "Phoenix"


2012-03-08: A team of operatives vanishes in Cario following an operation. None of the four members are ever found.

2012-03-22: A safehouse in Paris is bombed. No operatives were residing there at the time.

2012-04-13: One of our couriers disapears while en route to Montreal. Courier possessed intel about our agents in the area.

2012-05-01: Team in Montreal disapears pre-operation. Later confirmed the team leader defected to our enemy organization

2012-07-21: Jet carrying mid level Halcyon personel crashes over the pacific. Sabotage suspected.

2012-08-01: Identified three agents attempting to defect. Agents were unable to provide intel on the organization they were defecting to before eliminated.

2012-10-03: Incursion detected on our network. Unknown amount of data stolen before being cut them off. Tracking the hackers to a warehouse in Rhode Island was a dead end.

2012-12-24: Teams in Ireland, France, and the UK diseapear within minutes of eachother. 12 operatives lost in a highly coordinated strike.

2013-02-12: Team betrayed in an arms deal in Washington. Dealer possibly cooerced? No survivors to question.

2013-04-06: Halcyon facility in Guangzhou bombed

2013-05-29: Team in Lublin vanishes. No traces

2013-09-04: Failed assassination attempt of operatives Wren and Rose in Seattle. Shooter not caught.

2014-02-21: Another attempted incursion on our network. Hackers failed to gain a foothold and were traced back to a warehouse in New Jersey.

!!! Both warehouses formerly leased to a man named Ryan Ross. Operatives are investigating.

The collection of events above we have long suspected to have been orchestrated by former Halcyon operative Jackdaw. Following up on Ryan Ross, we discovered that he was indeed funding a new shadow organization, not unlike Halcyon itself. The person heading this organization must be Jackdaw. The attack in Seattle felt... personal. Jackdaw hasn't been known to make descisions emotionally, but our involvement in 2007 may have tipped the scales for him. The assassination attempt seemed rushed, and it's possible that we may have unbalanced him.

Yesterday was the first time Jackdaw was publicly seen since our encounter in Arizona. He approached one of our agents, held them at gunpoint, and gave them a message to relay. Jackdaw calls his new organization "Phoenix" and intends to use it to destroy Halcyon. While his actions so far have been fairly damaging to the company, the real threat still lies in his possession of the Project Onyx files.

The Withdrawal's code can be found in the the main lobby of the bank. The code is split up into two parts, both of which are the wall decorations made out of squares. The squares represent a crossword puzzle and the dark squares show you letters if you look at them from up close. The 4 rows are filled out by the words "Roselin", "Jackdaw", "Kingfisher" and "Wren", which will give you the code phrase Sage vertically. The logo is found in a widow frame above the left wall decoration.


Combatant Dossier
Last Updated: 2014-03-08

Name: Jack Miles
Designation: PT-1
DOB: 1967-03-23
Country: USA
Status: Active

Dossier Opened

Jack Miles joined the CIA in 1991, and worked as an American intelligence operative until he caught the attention of Halcyon in 1994. Shortly after, he was recruited by our organization. He showed himself to be a highly skilled, ruthless operative. Jackdaw, as he would soon be known, gained a reputation for being swift and brutal. We were dismayed to discover his betrayal [FULL DETAILS CLASSIFIED]; retiring such a useful asset is... regrettable. He was reclassified as an enemy combatant and marked for termination on 2007-05-29. Roselin and I were tasked with executing him during operation Ember Shroud.


Jack Miles has been executed. Due to the nature of the operation, recovery of the body and confirmation of death are impossible. The status of the combatant is being changed to "Presumed Dead" and designation to "DOA-1" based on the testimony of operatives Roselin and Wren.

This Dossier has been sealed

This Dossier has been reopened


Based on the photographic evidence retrieved from Arizona, Jack Miles is being reclassified as "Active" and re-designated as "Primary Target 1" [PT-1]

Jack Miles was responsible for an attack againt our operatives the interuption and failure of one of our operations. [FOR FULL DETAILS SEE: AFTER ACTION REPORT - BLACK DAWN]. The return of this combatant is unfortunate, and we will need to divert considerable resources to eliminating him.

We've recieved proof that Jackdaw is not longer working alone. He's built himself a network of operatives and spies in the interest of attacking our organization [SEE INTERNAL REPORT - PHOENIX]

The Blacksite's code is found in a small storage room in the restricted section. It can only be found when playing the mission alone, the logo will appear in the storage room if that is the case. To obtain the code you have to blow up the back wall of the room with any explosive and pick up the harddrive found in the hole that was blown open. Once it is obtained you have to go to the security room in the cellblock area where you can place it next to the PC. The code phrase Monaco will be displayed on the screen.


After Action Report
Ember Shroud

Client: --
Location: Monaco
Target: Banque Monolithe
Date: 2007-05-29

Mission Coordinator:
[OA-1] Jackdaw

[OA-1] Jackdaw (KIA)
[OA-2] Wren
[OA-3] Roselin

Mission Objectives
Destruction of Banque Monolithe
Interrogation and Execution of Julien Moreau
Mission Report
Mission concluded successfully. Operative Roselin coordinated the conflagration of the building to serve as a cover and smokescreen for the operation. After the building was evacuated, Wren and Jackdaw recovered important incriminating documents. Roselin interrogated Julien Moreau discovered the location of the money he stole from us before dealing with him.
The timetable on this operation was extremely tight. The acceleratant used guaranteed the colapse of the building within minutes of our operatives evacuating it. Police suspect arson, but have no suspect or motive for the crime. Julien Moreau is suspected to have been killed by the fire. The police investigation shows no ties to us in his records; as far as they know, Julien Moreau has never laundered a single penny.
Jackdaw was shot and killed. Operatives Wren and Roselin both recieved minor burns and lacerations, but they're expected to be back in operational shape by the end of the month.

Debriefing Transcript

"Hello Wren"


"What is the status of operation Ember Shroud?"

"All objectives complete. We're monitoring the police investigation to make sure nothing gets back to us"

"Good, good. And about the money?"

"Mr. Moreau skimmed a total of 4.3 million. Roselin got the account information, and we're waiting for the transfers to be confirmed now"

"And you retrieved the documents?"

"Of course. We've done everything we can to clean up his records. The police will never know he laundered money for us"

"Yes, and... one last thing"

"The tertiary objective"

"Yes. Were there any complications?"

"None, sir. The shots were clean, he collapsed, and the building fell soon after. It's taken care of"


"Is something wrong, sir?"

"Sentiment. He was a fine agent; I'm going to miss him"

"It had to be done"

"I know that. He killed our agents. His fellow operatives. We couldn't ever trust him again"

"...Will that be all sir?"

"Yes, Wren. You're dismissed. Go get those injuries checked out"

The Lakehouse's code can be found in the server room during stealth after Rose has finished searching the computer. In this mission specifically, both the code and logo will only appear on legend difficulty. Each time the server lights change they represent a different letter. To obtain the letter you first have to translate the lights into binary (off = 0, on = 1) by taking the upper row which will give you 8 ones or zeros. To get the second row you have to take the lights from the 8 servers below it, starting from the one at the top left and going down to the bottom right one. After these 2 rows consisting of 8 ones and zeros have been obtained, they have to be combined using XOR (0 + 0 = 0; 1 + 0 = 1; 1 + 1 = 0), taking the first number from the first and second row, combining them, then taking the second numbers and combining them, and so on. The resulting 8 numbers consisting of ones and zeros are a letter in binary. Decrypting the lights one by one will eventually spell out the code phrase Sociopath.


Personnel File
Last Updated: 2015-06-23

Name: Eric Reed
Designation: DOA-2
DOB: 1981-09-19
Country: United States
Status: Deceased


Eric Reed grew up in the suburbs Baltimore. A missing persons report was filed by his family in September of 1999 when he mysteriously disappeared. Nobody who knew him in Baltimore ever reported seeing him again, although we do know he returned at least once to rob a high end jewelry store. Authorities in Baltimore never linked Reed's identity to the crimes he committed later in life.

Between 1999 and 2004 ran a crew of professional thieves. They ran heist up and down the east coast, never hitting the same city twice. We first noticed them after the 2001 Boston bank heist - On the morning of January 4, 2001, 6 men with carbines and ski mask walked into Boston's largest bank. A teller triggered a silent alarm, and police responded within three minutes. What followed was a two hour standoff that ended in SWAT breaching the building and a shootout with the robbers. All six of the men were killed. In the aftermath, the bank manager was shocked to find nearly $400,000 missing from the vault. Reviewing the security footage, they discovered how Reed's crew had stolen the money.

Four men entered the bank, separately, seemingly at random. Ten minutes later, the bank robbers stormed into the building. The four men hid from the robbers until they had cracked the vault. Shortly before SWAT breached the building, the four men entered the vault, killed two of the robbers, and took the cash the robbers had bagged. They walked out of the building disguised as SWAT members and disappeared into the chaos. It was their first heist to gain national media attention, and it earned them the nickname of "The Boston Four." The crew continued to operate until February of 2004, when the FBI received an anonymous tip and most of the crew was killed in a police ambush. Reed was the only survivor. During their time of operation, it's estimated that The Boston Four stole ten million in cash and other valuables. They perpetrated 11 major heist and were linked to 17 homicides. They were, without question, one of the most notorious and successful independent crews in modern history.

Following the break with his previous crew, we decided to recruit Reed to our organization. He possessed a unique aptitude for planning and executing the types of operations our organization requires. We tracked him to Colorado Springs and offered him a position as a field operative. He accepted.


Reed took the moniker "Wren" and advanced quickly through our organization. He received a more formal education at the hands of one of our senior operatives and quickly honed his skills. He became a mission coordinator in 2007 and took the role of our lead operations coordinator in 2011. During his career, Reed participated in 41 ops as a field operative with a 95% success rate, including many sensitive and critical ops. Reed's career and service with Halcyon ended in 2015. He was sent to dispose of a non-performing asset and never returned. We found him buried in a forest near a burned out van after three weeks of searching.

Reed was diagnosed with an antisocial personality disorder when he joined our organization. While it's not uncommon, he's been known to be particularly good at manipulating others and gaining their trust. From my personal observations, I doubt he holds loyalty or affection for any single member of the human race; However, because of the opportunities and protection we provided him, he remained fiercely loyal to Halcyon. His capability, emotional distance, and intelligence made him an incredibly valuable asset; one of the best and most loyal agents this organization has ever seen. Jackdaw has taken to far to many of our best people from us; We will see to it that his death is avenged.

The Scientist's code is hidden in the dialogue of Rivera. She will give you 2 numbers before rewiring the control room box during stealth. In total there are 4 number pairs which are letters encoded in Hex. Decrypting them will give you the code phrase Pyre.


Transcript "Wiretap 19435"


"Who is this?"

[Struggled breathing]
"Ja... Ja... Jack"

"Wait, wha... This isn't a secure line"

"Cr... Crown Lake"

"What? Hang on, calm down. You're at crown lake?"

"No... need to save..."

"Where are you"

"I'm..." [Collapsing]
"Sh... Shot"


"To... late..."
[bloody coughing]
"Need... need to save..."

"Rose where..."

"Crown Lake. Get... get to..."


[Voice nearby]
"This is OC-7"
"She's dead. Made a call though"
"Understood. We're near the docks. I'll dump her in Erie"

"Nobody's ever going to find her down there"

The SCRS's code is found in the control room on the main screen after the second hack is initiated. The screen will display 7 number pairs. These can be decrypted using a substitution cipher, the first number represents a mission, numbered after release order (Killhouse not included), and the second number represents the n-th letter in the mission's code phrase (For example 5 1 is the Blacksite's code's first letter, which is M). Substituting all the numbers will give you the code phrase Memento. The code for this mission used to be Cicada until it was changed later on.


Combatant Dossier
Last Updated: 2015-07-20

Name: Rachael Thorne
Designation: DOA-3
DOB: 5/21/1986
Country: Monaco
Status: Deceased


Operative Rachael Thorne, who would later be known as Roselin, was our first and only recruit from the preliminary Cicada program. She joined our organization on 2004-07-01 as was assigned to Operative Jackdaw for training. Her background was as a self taught hacker, and although she refused to tell us about her history, we determined she came from a semi-wealthy family in Monaco.

While a member of our organization, Roselin participated in 32 operations as a field op and 20 operations as a mission coordinator. Her operation success rate was 90%, above the average of the rest of our organizations operators. In 2012 she helped revive our Cicada program and provided critical support during several of our operations. She may have gotten away with being a spy for much longer if the Michigan op hadn't tipped her hand.


After Steel Cove interrupted a raid on a Phoenix safehouse, we launched an internal investigation. While it was possible Steel Cove had obtained intel on the house from an external source, it seemed more likely one of our operatives had informed them. After narrowing down the small list of suspects, we discovered a burner phone used by Roselin. We pulled call records and determined she had made a tip off to Steel Cove. Further digging revealed she had secretly been in contact with Jackdaw for years.

Rose was summarily executed. We attempted to execute the remainder of her team as a security precaution, but a complication left one of our operatives dead and the target in question on the run. We later discovered they had joined Phoenix. We're unsure if this was a new or previous alliance, but we found no evidence of the operative in question being a traitor prior to their failed execution.

Director's Notes
Personally, I'm baffled by Roselin's decision to inform Steel Cove of the safehouse rather than warn Jackdaw about our raid. As far as I can tell, there was no obstacle preventing her from doing so. She did initially pushback against the mission, but eventually she led her team to recovering the files for us. By informing Steel Cove, she tipped her hand and failed to stop the files from being captured. The only conclusion I can make is that she didn't want either organization to hold the files... which, given their contents, may make sense.

The Black Dusk code is the moving pattern found in the security center. The pattern is Manchester code which loops roughly every 40 seconds. Decrypting a single loop will give you 80 bits, which are 10 letters encoded in binary. The loop has to be shifted until every 8 bits equal a letter, which will give you the code phrase Denouement.


The Halcyon Organization

An FBI investigation into the attack on the Dawn Valley defense lab began on 2012-01-27. Goal was apprehension of suspects and recovery of a classified military project codenamed "Project Onyx"

One of the suspected attackers was detained when a vehicle matching the description of one leaving the crime scene was found crashed in the Tonto National Forest area. The stolen intel was not found in the wreck, and the suspect was airlifted to a classified facility for medical treatment and detainment. She later escaped custody, and the investigation went cold.

In May of 2017, a string of anonymous tips led to the identification and capture of several mid level operatives belonging to an crime syndicate they called "Halcyon", one that claimed responsibility for the Dawn Valley assault along with dozens of other attacks and robberies. At one point in Halcyon's history, they began being attacked by another crime syndicate, Phoenix. Halcyon's records and assets have been seized, and we've put together a full timeline of their activities. Main points of interest are listed below

1987-07-04: Halcyon is founded in Toronto, Ontario and begins operations

1987-12-29: First known Halcyon operation on American soil, the assassination of a corporate executive

1989-03-06: Halcyon begins expanding operations overseas

2012-01-27: Dawn valley is attacked, investigation is opened

2015-04-21: Anonymous tip leads to a raid on a lakehouse in Michigan. It's believed the Project Onyx files were being kept there, but were moved before the raid.

2017-04-16: A string of coordinated bombings and attacks trigger what operatives claim was the end of Halcyon, surviving operatives begin defecting from the organization.

2017-12-03: Operating as part of one of the largest joint operations in history, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies around the globe seize Halcyon assets and capture remaining identified personnel. Some accounts are left in place to track activity.

2020-05-09: Accounts have been dormant for over two years and Halcyon is declared defunct. Investigation is officially closed.

We failed to recover the Project Onyx files, but we believe the project was destroyed in one of the attacks on 2017-04-16. A brief investigation was opened into the Phoenix organization, but we can find no evidence of them continuing to operate. We strongly suspect they coordinated the April attacks, but were made inoperable or otherwise shut down following those engagements.

We've identified a person of interest in Phoenix's organization, who we've nicknamed "Finch". Finch was first identified in a robbery of the Phoenix PD evidence locker, and we believe they were working for Halcyon at the time. Finch was connected to nearly a dozen operations on American soil. At some point, Finch defected to Phoenix, and following the April attacks has been inactive. Currently they hold the #4 spot on our most wanted list.

We've found very little intel on Phoenix's alleged leader, "Jackdaw". No name, no photos, nothing to build a case around. With Phoenix inactive it seems unlikely they'll be captured.

The intel from this case will help us solve dozens of other cases and take down rogue operators all over the globe. The masterminds behind the Halcyon organization have all been identified, but were killed before they could be captured.

Amanda Moss - Former CIA - Killed in an automobile accident on 2004-08-15

Paul Nikitin - Former FSB - Killed by a heart attack on 2005-06-12

Vincent Zhao - Former MSS - Killed in a plane crash on 2007-03-11

Daisuke Matsuda - Former DIH - Killed in a drive by shooting on 2007-05-05

Karina Levin - Former Mossad - Killed in a drive by shooting on 2007-05-05

Mason Wolfe - Former MI6 - Killed in his penthouse apartment on 2017-10-18

The Auction's code is found hidden in the dialogue of the mission. Taking the first letters of the encryption codes you get from the auctioneer will give you the code phrase Pearl.


Combatant Dossier
Last Updated: 2016-12-27

Name: Sofia Pearl
Designation: EB-5
DOB: 1995-04-17
Country: USA
Status: Active


First contact with enemy operative "Sparrow" was made on 2014-03-19, where she was observed flying into a combat zone and extracting a lone Phoenix operative. She's been observed to be a skilled pilot who takes huge risks, but as of yet none of those risk have caught up to her. An assassination attempt on 2016-09-08 destroyed her helicopter but she survived the attack and resurfaced on 2016-12-24. Bringing her down permanently would allow us to more easily pin down compromised Phoenix assets, as we're confident she is currently the best pilot they have.

Investigation into Sparrow's past has revealed her former identity, Sofia Pearl. Sofia was a member of the US Air Force stationed at Shepperd Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas. It's unknown how or why she came to work for Phoenix, as she disappeared from the air force base and was classified as a missing person on 2013-12-11. Unfortunately, our investigation has not turned up any close family members that can be used for leverage.

The Gala's code is written out in red text on a wall. It is located left of the pillar in the part of the VIP area that is at the edge of the map, however it can only be seen through a microcam. Placing the microcam on the pillar's side opposite of the text will reveal the code phrase Outcast. In addition to the code phrase there are also 5 other phrases hidden in the mission. These serve as hints to find the code and can also only be seen through a microcam.

  • "They know" is found on the wall left of spawn.
  • "Can I escape" is found in the small entrance room with the stationary guard on the right wall.
  • "Where can you hide" is found at the back wall of the extraction area, next to the drop off zone.
  • "Who can you trust" is found in the corner of the main staff room which is closest to the drop off zone.
  • "Is this really it" is found at the back security section next to the right door of the room where either the vault or camera operator spawns.

The code for this mission used to be Assassin until it was changed later on.


Personnel File
Last Updated: 2016-12-27

Name: Blake Danger
Designation: OC-7
DOB: 1984-08-04
Country: USA
Status: Deceased


Blake Danger is a former Steel Cove operative we recruited to Halcyon in 2006 following a falling out with Steel Cove leadership. Blake was rising quickly in the organization, but refused to comply with specific orders from his CO. This ended in a dispute with and eventual death of the officer in question, and Blake on the run. We've verified Blake's story and are confident he's not working as a spy for their organization. Blake is a skilled operative with tactical planning skills that may make him a good fit for a leadership position in our organization. Further evaluation is necessary.

UPDATE: Following a Phoenix raid on one of our safehouses near London, Operative Falcon is now deceased. Investigation into recent activities is ongoing.

The Cache's code is found at the same location as the code in The Deposit. The wall decoration is disguised Morse code. White stripes represent dashes, short white lines are dots and black stripes and linebreaks differentiate between the letters. Taking the morse code and decrypting it will give you letters which can be unscrambled into the code phrase Eminent. The logo is on a wall decoration next to the morse code.


Personnel File
Last Updated: 2016-12-27

Name: Celeste Rivera
Designation: OE-152
DOB: 1985-01-10
Country: USA
Status: MIA

Rivera was an eminent computer scientist and engineer from San Francisco we recruited as a consultant on our recently reacquired [REDACTED]. She requested a transfer out of [REDACTED] and was being kept in a safehouse near London, Ontario. On December 24th, 2016, a Phoenix strike team hit the safehouse and the asset was lost. We have reason to believe that Rivera was in contact with the team and the strike was, in fact, a defection.

The Killhouse's code is obtained after completing the special Nightmare mode found in the mission and it has to be completed in order to be able to use the code. To initiate it you have to begin The Killhouse loud on elite or legend, however the difficulty will change to legend once the nightmare begins, so elite is recommended. Out of the 3 circuit boxes one of them will have a darkened wire, which you will have to rewire. After that a second circuit box's wire will turn dark which you will have to rewire too. After rewiring the third, every wire will turn white if done correctly. Placing the diamond drill at the vault once every player is in the vault room will begin the nightmare assault. During the assault all lights will go out and the whole map will turn dark. The music will change to eerie ticking sounds and ambience which get louder and louder as the mission progresses. The diamond drill has to drill for 15 minutes, and you cannot leave the vault room. After surviving the assault and extracting with the loot bag the code phrase Provenance will be written in red all over the spawn area walls.


Transcript "Insurance"


"Matsuda and Levin are getting nervous"

"Well, they've seen three 'accidents' in two years. It seems they've finally put the pieces together."

"You want it dealt with"

"Is that a question?"

"Of course not. I understand how important this is."

"Good. My intel says they're meeting tonight at Trinity Bellwoods. I don't think this... paranoia will be healthy for them, Mr. Miles"

"Understood, sir"

"Let's put this to rest. I'll sleep easier when it's taken care of"


During the nightmare assault there are a few special lines from Rose.

Nightmare start Rose: This... isn't right
It's not what should have happened
Nightmare end Rose: It's done
It's over
Had to have your revenge, didn't you?
Couldn't just walk away...
I wish it hadn't ended like this...
You had to know this is where it would take you
Au revoir...

The Freelance Heists do not have mission specific codes, but instead one file for each character. You can access the file after watching Departure by typing Harvey into the lock. This specific file changes based on your first choice in the Departure cutscene.


Recruitment Dossier
Last Updated: 2007-09-16

Name: Harvey Brooks
Designation: PR-42A6
DOB: 1980-11-07
Country: United States
Status (Killing him): Deceased
Status (Sparing him): Incarcerated

Primary skill - Social Engineering


Harvey Brooks grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and is a former associate of operative OA-2 (Wren). His early criminal career started with The Boston Four, who contracted him to scout locations and cultivate insiders in preparation for their heists. He himself was never a formal member of the crew, and has almost never engaged in armed robbery personally. As a result, police never linked him to their crimes and he survived the dissolution of their crew. From 2004 on, Harvey operated mostly alone and became increasingly cautious and paranoid. We don't have a full accounting of his activities during this time, but we do know he killed at least two marks and one associate to keep himself from being identified.


Harvey failed our formal evaluation in 2005, and we're no longer considering him as a recruit. His manipulative nature and paranoia make him a liability to work with. In addition, we expect he would react poorly to being asked to work with the man who betrayed him. For these reasons, I'm recommending Harvey Brooks be marked Unsuitable For Recruitment and this dossier closed

Killing Harvey

Update - July 4th, 2007: Following a massive gold heist in Arizona, Harvey Brooks is confirmed dead. Police assume he was killed by an associate, but all of the gold from the heist was found and recovered at the hangar. Whereabouts of the associate are unknown, but our organization is actively searching for them.

Sparing Harvey

Update - July 4th, 2007: Following a massive gold heist in Arizona, Harvey Brooks has been injured and arrested. Two of the other involved operators were found dead in a hangar with Brooks and the gold. Ballistics indicate a fourth operative was present and shot Brooks. Other operators involved in the heist have also been found dead.

Update - September 16th, 2007: Brooks has refused to identify the person that shot him or implicate anyone else in the heist. He's plead guilty to both the murders and heist charges, and is now incarcerated in USP Tuscon.

The Freelance Heists do not have mission specific codes, but instead one file for each character. You can access the file after watching Departure by typing Jade into the lock.


Recruitment Dossier
Last Updated: 2007-07-05

Name: Hannah Bennett
Designation: PR-431F
DOB: 1985-02-20
Country: United States
Status: Deceased

Primary skill - Sniper


"Jade" emerged as a contract killer in the southern United States in 2005, commonly preferring long rifles as a method of elimination. Our investigation discovered her real identity was Hannah Bennett, formerly from Los Angeles, California. Family history is unknown. She has 16 confirmed kills, 2 of which are notable - they were both high ranking members of the same cartel, and Hannah didn't receive payment for the hits. We suspect a personal vendetta against the cartel in question.


We attempted to formally evaluate Hannah in 2005, but the operation in question was a failure, due to the involvement of PR-42A6. We lost contact with Hannah following the op, but her activities since then have proven her to be a capable operative. I'm recommending the organization to reach out and offer her a permanent position. If she's difficult to recruit, exposing her involvement in the cartel killings could force her to seek shelter with our organization.
Update - July 4th, 2007: Following a massive gold heist in Arizona, Hannah Bennett is confirmed dead. Her body was found by law enforcement in a small hangar outside Tuscon. Our investigation into this incident is ongoing.

This Dossier has been sealed

The Freelance Heists do not have mission specific codes, but instead one file for each character. You can access the file after watching Departure by typing Dmitry into the lock.


Recruitment Dossier
Last Updated: 2007-07-05

Name: Dmitry Komolov
Designation: PR-43FC
DOB: 1972-07-06
Country: Russia
Status: Deceased

Primary skill - Smuggler Pilot


Dmitry was born in Kazan, Russia in 1972. We don't have any records of his past, profession, or criminal connections during his 28 years in Russia. All we know is that he immigrated to the US in 2000 with his wife and newborn daughter. Since that time, he's been working as a cartel smuggler. The arrangement does not appear to be by choice - he's deep in debt to the cartel, and it's doubtful they'll ever let him out.


While Dmitry is an experienced pilot and smuggler suitable for our organization, his passive temperament isn't a good match us. If we can flip him from working for the cartel, law enforcment could easily flip him to work against us. In addition, he's a self professed pacifist and refuses to carry or fire a weapon under any circumstances. Given this, as well as his entanglements with family and the cartel, I'm recommending Dmitry Komolov be marked Unsuitable For Recruitment and this dossier closed

This Dossier has been sealed

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