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"Remember, no cops"
"If the police get involved..."
"Yeah, it's all over"
"We heard you the first 40 times"

― Harvey and Jade

The Setup was released as part of "The Freelance Heists" expansion on January 16th, 2021. It is the first mission of the expansion and the first mission chronologically.


In the mission The Freelancer is tasked with infiltrating a security company to find out more about one of their contracts and to tag their security trucks with trackers. To cover up the break in, they also empty the company safe. The mission is coordinated by Harvey and Jade.

The mission takes place at night in the middle of the city. You spawn in front of the main building on the side of the road. The building has a locked entrance at the front and various sensor doors on both sides. To the left is a parking lot and a small walkway which gives you access to the top of the building. On the right there is a ramp leading to the underground garage. There is also a small balcony with a ladder which can be accessed from inside.

The building has 2 floors and a basement. The floors consist of office space, a break room, a locker room and stairs. There are also 4 small rooms locked by a keycard door, 2 of them on the ground floor and the other 2 on the upper floor. The one on the upper floor next to the stairs will always be the IT room, while the other 3 are random with each of them containing either the safe, the servers or the camera operator.


The only type of NPCs in this mission are Security Guards. They are regular guards who roam the inside and outside of the building. They cannot be interrogated and killing any of them on Elite or Legend will fail the mission. One of the guards inside of the building will carry a keycard.

Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
Security Guards (outside) 2 2 2 2 2
Security Guards (inside) 6 6 6 6 6
Camera Operator 1 1 1 1 1

Mission Progression

The main objective is to plant trackers on the security trucks found in the basement and hack the servers for intel. After that you also have to empty the company safe. This mission can only be done in stealth. Raising the alarm in any way will fail the mission, similar to the Night Heists.

There are multiple ways to get inside the building. 2 power boxes can be found outside, rewiring the first one will disable the window alarms, rewiring the second one will disable the door sensors. On Elite and higher the second power box will spawn inside of the building. Alternatively you can also lockpick a skylight after the window alarms have been disabled, or as an engineer disable the door sensors or open up the garage door. Attempting to open a door while the sensors are still active will result in the camera operator being alerted.

Once inside, you have to search through the files found in various rooms. After that you have to plant trackers on 3 trucks in the basement and hack the servers. The servers can be found in one of the small rooms. If you are a hacker you can hack them, otherwise you need the server password from the files in the IT room.

The final objective is cracking the safe found in one of the small rooms and escaping with the money.


Breach of Security

  • Use power boxes to disable the alarms
  • Window alarms are disabled
  • Door alarms are disabled

Scouting Job

  • Search files for intel
  • Hack database servers
  • Tag the armored trucks
  • Crack the safe
  • Escape with the cash


Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
XP 3,500 7,000 10,500 14,000 18,000
Bonus XP (No alarm + no kills) 700+700 1,400+1,400 2,100+2,100 2,800+2,800 3,600+3,600
Contract $1,000 $2,500 $3,500 $5,000 $6,500


  • Plan For Success - Complete "The Setup" on Legend



  • Killing a guard on Rookie-Operative can result in unique 4th wall breaking dialogue.