"No room for error today. It’s do or die, fellas."
― Jackdaw

The Withdrawal was the third mission to be released and the sixth mission chronologically. It was released on March 12th, 2019 as Public Early Access, offering only Rookie, Professional and Operative. Elite and Legend were added shortly after.

The map is also used in The Auction.


In this mission, The Freelancer is tasked with robbing a bank in San Francisco, California, which is used for Halcyon's money-laundering operations.


The mission takes place in the midst of San Francisco at a bank. The area is mostly made up of highrises and commercial buildings. The bank is at a T-intersection in the middle of the playable area. The bank itself is made up of the ground floor, upper floor and basement.

The ground floor is the largest area and holds an open lobby at the entrance with multiple counters and stairs to the upper floor. Behind the counters are office tables and stairs on the left and right which lead to the upper floor. This area also has the bookshelf behind which is the entrance to the basement and the door accessing the basement area. The vault area has 2 guards guarding the vault door and a small hallway leading to a fire exit door that has a sensor. Behind that door is the side alley where you spawn at the beginning of the mission. This alley has a van, a network box for distractions on lower difficulties, and a ladder that leads up to a small catwalk, where there are two windows.

The upper floor is accessible by multiple sets of stairs and a ladder. It holds the managers office on the left, office spaces in the back and a break room on the right. There is also a small walkway above the entrance which leads out onto a balcony above the sidewalk. The basement can be accessed by moving the bookshelf that is found in the breakroom or by blowing up the floor at the keypad. It consists of 4 connected rooms and is only used during loud. If the bookcase is moved, any witnesses will trigger the alarm.


There are 4 types of NPCs in the mission: Security guards, Employees, Civilians, and the Manager. The security guards are guards that roam every area of the bank except for the vault and locked off rooms. Employees are civilians that roam most areas, alike to the guards. The Manager is a unique civilian who can open the vault if hostaged and loud hasn't been initiated yet. If you knock them out beforehand the stealth objective will fail.

Civilians spawn outside of the map and walk by or into the bank. They will respawn regardless of how many you take out.

The mission has 3 disguises: the guard disguise, employee disguise and the special disguise used during stealth. The guard disguise allows you to enter every area, the employee one every area except the vault. The special disguise is found in the van and allows you to enter the vault area and the small hallway connecting the vault and main lobby but will stop working when the manager is neutralized.

Mission Progression

In this mission loud and stealth are very different from each other and thus have almost completely different objectives, but both lead to getting money from the vault.


For stealth you have to first disable the metal detectors to get to the vault. To do this you have to search the server room and then rewire the correct power box. On higher difficulties you have to first inspect each box to find the correct one. There is also a chance that instead of rewiring, you first have to interrogate an employee to get the power box color. Once the objective has been activated, this specific employee will respond to the managers office pc distraction. If you knock out or kill the employee, you will have to go guess which power box to disable. If you guess wrong, you will trigger the alarm.

Once the metal detector is disabled you can disguise yourself as "Alex Shaw" ("Ryan Ross" if you have Charmer Hair) and the manager will guide you to the vault area. There you have to take the manager hostage so that they can open the vault. Once the vault is open you just have to bring the 6 bags of cash to the van after which you can escape. On operative and above, an employee will check on the vault 1 minute and 20 seconds after opening it.


On loud the objectives are more simple. First you have to get to the basement to plant the demolition charge below the vault. The basement can be accessed by either moving a shelf or blowing up the floor under the vault keypad. After getting into the vault you have to assemble the cage that will hold the money. Once it has been assembled and loaded with the bags, you have to wait roughly 3 minutes for Sparrow to arrive. When she arrives you connect the cage with the helicopter wire and escape.


Celebrity Treatment (Stealth)

  • Find and search the Server Room
  • Rewire the (color) power box to disable the metal detectors (Rookie-Operative, every time on Rookie)
  • Inspect the power boxes to find the correct one (Professional+)
  • Find the correct employee upstairs/downstairs (Chance to happen in Operative+)
  • Interrogate the employee (If previous objective was triggered)
  • Find and rewire the correct power box to disable the metal detectors
  • Guess which power box to disable (If employee was knocked out/killed)
  • Get a disguise from the van
  • Meet with the manager
  • Take the manager hostage
  • Get the manager to open the vault

Escape (Stealth)

  • Drop the money in the van [0/6]
  • Escape

The Demolition Charge (Loud)

  • Pick up the demolition charge
  • Plant the demolition charge in the basement
  • Stand clear

Escape (Loud)

  • Assemble the cage
  • Drop the money in the cage [0/6]
  • Wait for Sparrow
  • Connect the cage to the helicopter
  • Escape


Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
Guards 5 5 6 6 7
Guards (at vault) 2 2 2 2 2
Employees 7 8 10 10 10
Manager 1 1 1 1 1
Camera Operator 1 1 1 1 1


Rookie Professional Operative Elite Legend
XP 5,000 10,000 14,000 18,000 25,000
Bonus XP (No alarms + no kills) 1,000+1,000 2,000+2,000 2,800+2,800 3,600+3,600 5,000+5,000
Contract $2,500 $3,500 $4,500 $5,500 $7,000


  • The Job You've Been Given - Complete "The Withdrawal" on Rookie or above
  • Are You Waiting For Applause? - Complete "The Withdrawal" on Operative or above without setting off the alarm
  • Heisting The Golden City - Complete "The Withdrawal" on Legend without killing anyone or setting off the alarm


  • If you have the same hair as Ryan Ross (Charmer Hair) and talk to the manager, you will address yourself as "Ryan Ross" instead of Alex Shaw.
  • The building to the left of the bank is modeled after Roblox's headquarters which is also in San Francisco.
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