Breakbar Breakbar 31 July

Guides Archive

This post contains all of the guides previously found on the wiki. More info here.

  • 1 Stealth
    • 1.1 Equipment & Perks
    • 1.2 Difficulty Effect
    • 1.3 The First Zone
    • 1.4 The Restricted Area
    • 1.5 Finding Rose
    • 1.6 Initiating the Transfer
  • 2 Loud
    • 2.1 Equipment & Perks
    • 2.2 Breaking in
    • 2.3 Escape
  • 3 Stealth
    • 3.1 Equipment & Perks
    • 3.2 Difficulty Effect
    • 3.3 Infiltration
    • 3.4 Finding the Hard Drive
    • 3.5 Getting Ryan
  • 4 Loud
    • 4.1 Equipment & Perks
    • 4.2 Pre-Planning
    • 4.3 Ryan
      • 4.3.1 The Hard Drive
    • 4.4 Extraction
  • 5 Stealth
    • 5.1 Equipment & Perks
    • 5.2 Difficulty Effect
    • 5.3 Luring Guards
    • 5.4 Infiltration
    • 5.5 Completing Objectives

The ideal class for stealth is the Thief on Rookie and Professional difficulties. On Operative and higher, You need an Infiltrator, because you'll have to hack the SC Commander's computer. Recommended perks…

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Breakbar Breakbar 18 October 2019

Halloween Hitlist 2019 discussion thread

Halloween Hitlist 2019 is almost here! The first target arrives in 24 hours.

  • Hunt down daily Jack(daw)-o-lanterns to earn special event shades
  • Each target will only stick around for 24 hours
  • We finally got a Falcon reveal in the teaser! Wow!

Halloween Hitlist 2019 is finally here! We will be getting daily targets and new shades! What do you think will the targets be? What might the final reward be? Are you dedicated enough to get all 13 targets?

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Breakbar Breakbar 30 August 2019

The Lakehouse discussion thread

The Lakehouse and Dedication are finally out. Voice your opinions and experiences that you had, there is definetly a lot to unpack.

The pages for the new content will be filled out in the following days, feel free to help out.

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Breakbar Breakbar 21 August 2019

New Guides, Character pics & more

  • 1 Hey there!
  • 2 Statistics & Wiki traffic
  • 3 Guides
  • 4 Editing Guidelines
  • 5 Top Navigation
  • 6 Character & Mission pages
  • 7 Discussions

This is an update blog/announcement on some of the additions that have been recently added to the wiki. The post will mainly focus on our new guide category, but there are other things too.

As we all know currently there is basically no new content in Entry Point, thus there is barely anything to add/expand. While these times can be very boring for those looking for new updates, this is an excellent time to work on improving the wiki as a whole.

Statistics and page views can be very useful in showing which pages get the most attention and they are one of the factors that decide which pages are being worked on. On the right you…

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Breakbar Breakbar 9 August 2019

New Rules

Some of you may have already noticed, but for those of you that have not: We have new rules.

Over the past few weeks there have been multiple posts and comments that were pushing the limits of the rules (several got blocked), but from now on no inappropriate language will be allowed.

Moderation will mainly focus on new posts, so some pages might have old comments that violate the rules. Simply ignore them and do not reply. If you think something should get deleted leave a message on my wall.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the rules.

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