KaiserAnimations KaiserAnimations 1 June 2019

Oh cool I'm a content mod now

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KaiserAnimations KaiserAnimations 30 May 2019

This wiki is a mess

Is this wiki run by kids

oh wait it is

(No offense to Coms and NoLuckDuck or anything I know you ain't a kid)

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KaiserAnimations KaiserAnimations 25 April 2019

Since SenorSensei is doing it I guess I'll do it too lol


2013-07-21 FILE CREATED

Operative Name: [REDACTED]

Operative Ethnicity: German, French

Operative Birthplace: Unknown

Operative Chosen Codename: ALBATROSS

Operative Age: [REDACTED]

Operative Birthday: Unknown

Operative Gender: Male 

Background Information

Albatross does not appear to co-operate when it comes to revealing his past, although he does give us pieces of his background through obscure metaphors and fables. From what we can connect through decoded anecdotes that Albatross has given us, we can assume that he is from Germany and lived on a farm out in the country. We are unsure if we can confirm that Albatross's family was financially struggling during his adolescence, our most likely clue is that Albatross was taught t…

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KaiserAnimations KaiserAnimations 24 March 2019

Blog Post regarding "Ideas for Cishshato" Page

This page was full of ideas that wouldn't work well in a stealth game like Entry Point. Some ideas (e.g. voice acting) are next to impossible to program into the game due to many issues that Cishshato has to face to make the mechanics.

Programming isn't 1, 2, 3, done. There's bugs and glitches that you'd need to find and fix just to make something work without breaking the entire game. Mechanics can break other mechanics and sometimes even demolish the game altogether. Consider the following:

What if you were the developer of a game, and people were throwing unusable mechanics that didn't fit what you were trying to make into your suggestions? Would you be annoyed and frustrated at all this junk you're receiving? I would.

Not all mechanics/co…

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KaiserAnimations KaiserAnimations 23 March 2019

Saying this unironically

I can't believe that most of the users on this wiki that edit and make new articles are kids 

I mean holy frik their sentence structure and grammar are terrible

I feel like Coms, NoLuckDuck and I are the only few people that can actually write a coherent sentence

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