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Modifications in Entry Point are various additions and removals that can affect a variety of things from visual assistance, recoil, and stealth. To buy and equip modifications, use the Manage Weapons button from your Loadout, and then select Modify on the weapon you would like to modify.


Iron sights and optical sights don't provide any statistical benefits, but they do change the zoom and aim sensitivity of the weapon they're equipped on. Optical sights can make aiming at targets easier than with iron sights (The color and the structure of the sights will depend on the gun). Every weapon has the ability to use at least one sight modification except the K45 and Thumper which can only be equipped with the default iron sights.

All unmodded weapons start with iron sights except the CBR-C, which in it's unmodded state has the mini sight equipped.

General Sights

Iron Sights - The standard iron sights of the weapon. They provide no additional zoom and tend to vary in clarity and precision across all ranges, with not much guarantee of accuracy.

  • These sights are equipped on every weapon by default, except for the CBR-C.

Delta Sight ($1300) - This miniature sight uses a thick delta dot to assist with close-range target acquisition. However, the thick dot can be a problem, due to less visibility when aiming at a target. It is available for every firearm that can accept sights.

  • Adds 1 concealment point.

Mini Sight ($1000) - This miniature reflex sight uses a small red dot in order to grant a clearer view of the target. It is available for every sight-accepting firearm except the CH-A and equipped by default on the CBR-C

  • Adds 1 concealment point.

Pistol Sights

Glow Sight ($200) - These pistol iron sights have been illuminated with three white dots to make aiming easier. It can be equipped on the UP9 and Raven.

Ring Sight ($400) - These pistol iron sights have been enhanced with a red ring and front sight for added precision. These sights can only be equipped on the UP9.

Magnification Sights

Red Dot ($1600) - A large-size optic with enhanced zoom and a solid red dot, providing a very clear sighting picture for medium to long-range combat. It is available for every sight-accepting firearm except the UP9, Raven, and 480 MCS.

  • Adds 2 concealment points.

TG3X ($2000) - A C79 scope featuring 3x magnification and a very sharp reticle, making it highly effective at a distance. It is available for the S97, MM20, CBR-C, F57 and CH-A.

  • Adds 2 concealment points.

T4XS ($2500) - An ACOG scope featuring 4x magnification and a thick reticle, improving long-range precision at the cost of close range aiming. This scope is not recommended due to its miscalculation of the reticle. It is available for the S97, CBR-C, F57 and CH-A.

  • Adds 2 concealment points.

LS6X ($ 3500) - A long-range rifle scope with 6x magnification and a blurry crosshair, ideal for extreme distances but almost unusable in close quarters. When using it keep in mind it has an extremely low scope sensitivity making it hard to use quickly. It is available only for the CBR-C and CH-A.

  • Adds 2 concealment points.


Barrel attachments can affect a weapon statistically as well as visually and audibly. Most of them are able to modify recoil, damage, and spread. They are available for most barrel-accepting firearms.

Suppressor ($2500) - A suppressor that eliminates the sound and muzzle flash of the weapon, preventing enemies from detecting shots visually and audibly. It improves muzzle velocity and recoil control slightly and is the only way to fire a weapon without alerting everyone within nine city blocks.

  • Increases the damage of the weapon by 5%, this is applied separately from other buffs.
  • Decreases recoil by 10%.
  • Increases hipfire spread by 20%.
  • Adds 2 concealment points.

Flash Hider ($500) - A device that eliminates the muzzle flash from the weapon, granting better visibility when firing and preventing enemies from detecting shots visually.

  • Adds 2 concealment points.

Muzzle Brake ($1500) - A small device that allows gases to exit the weapon efficiently, reducing the recoil and making the weapon easier to control with sustained fire.

  • Decreases recoil by 25%.
  • Increases spread by 30% (by 69% when aiming).
  • Adds 1 concealment point.

Shotgun Modifiers

Duckbill ($1000) - A muzzle attachment that modifies the spread of the 480 MCS. The shotgun's accuracy is lowered, but the spread is increased, causing pellets to land in a wider horizontal area.

  • Decreases vertical spread by 50%.

Choke ($1200) - A muzzle attachment that tightens the spread of the 480 MCS. The shotgun's accuracy is increased, but the spread is decreased, causing pellets to land in a smaller area.

  • Decreases spread by 40%.


Tactical attachments are equipped on the rail of the weapon, and they can be toggled with Z to offer visual enhancements. None of them provide statistical changes.

Flashlight ($50) - A tactical flashlight equipped on a certain weapon. When enabled, the flashlight will illuminate a light. This can be useful during dark places, but can reveal the player's position. It is available for every tactical-accepting firearm except the Raven, K45 and MM20.

Laser ($300) - A small battery-operated laser is attached on a certain weapon. When enabled, the battery will enable a red laser sight. This attachment is proved useful for people who care to fire more than just aiming. This attachment is available for every firearm that accepts tactical attachments.

Canted Sights ($500) - An attachment, equipped with M16 iron sights. This attachment can be used for backup and can be useful in close quarters, mainly because it doesn't zoom the screen at all. Recommended for players who attached an efficient scope that limits movement. This attachment is available for the S97, CBR-C and F57.


Foregrips can assist with a weapon's spread and recoil management. They are each designed to work well with specific playstyles. The MM20, CBR-C, F57, and Sawblade are the four weapons capable of accepting all four grips.

Folding Grip ($500) - A lightweight grip which helps control the weapon while moving. It can be folded when no longer in use, conforming with the weapon and causing no issues with concealment.

  • Decreases minimum (first shot) spread while moving by 30%.

Ergo Grip ($1000) - An ergonomic vertical grip designed to fit the shooter's hands for maximum control and precision on the move. It is quite large in comparison to other grips.

  • Decreases minimum (first shot) spread while moving by 50%.
  • Adds 2 concealment points.

Stubby Grip ($1000) - A shortened vertical grip which grants a firm grasp on the weapon, keeping shots from landing off target during sustained fire.

  • Decreases spread by 33%.
  • Adds 1 concealment point.

Angled Grip ($1000) - A triangular grip which provides a more natural way to hold the weapon, making it easier to control when fired carefully.

  • Decreases first shot recoil by 33%.
  • Adds 1 concealment point.


Some weapons can sacrifice the capacity of their magazine in order to make their weapon easier to conceal.

Normal Magazine - The standard magazine used by the weapon. It uses the default capacity. This magazine is equipped on every firearm by default.

Short Magazine (S97) ($500) - A shortened magazine used in the S97. It only carries 20 rounds, but it fits flush with the grip, reducing the overall size of the gun.

  • Removes 2 concealment points.

Short Magazine (F57) ($200) - A shortened STANAG magazine used by the F57. In order to reduce the rifle's size, it sacrifices capacity and can only carry 20 rounds.

  • Removes 2 concealment points.


Some weapons can have stocks equipped or removed, drastically affecting recoil while also changing the size and conceability of the weapon.

Normal Stock (480 MCS) - The standard stock used by the 480 MCS, used to keep the shotgun's intense kick under control. This stock is equipped on the 480 MCS by default.

Short Grip (480 MCS) ($350) - The absence of the 480 MCS's stock makes it much more compact, but leaves no way to handle the recoil.

  • Increases recoil by 50%.
  • Increases spread by 50%.
  • Removes 2 concealment points.

No Stock (free) - There is no stock equipped on the F57 and MM20 by default, which makes them significantly more difficult to control at long range.

Full Stock (F57) ($1200) - The standard stock used by the F57, necessary in order to decrease the recoil and make sustained fire much easier to pull off.

  • Decreases recoil by 50%.
  • Adds 3 concealment points.

Stock (MM20) ($1000) - This stock supports the recoil reduction system of the MM20 and makes recoil extremely low, causing burst fire to be highly effective even at a distance.

  • Decreases recoil by 35%.
  • Adds 2 concealment points.


The Raven has a unique modification which changes the color of the gun.

  • Chrome (free)
  • Matte ($500)
  • Steel ($500)
  • Gold ($112,000)
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