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"Cold. Heartless. Professional. Nobody is going to get in your way when you have a job to do, and nobody will ever doubt your loyalty. You'll make sure of that."
― The Dedicated's Gear Description

Eric Reed, also known as Wren, is one of the main characters of Entry Point and the first member we meet from Halcyon. He initially served as the mission coordinator during Black Dawn and The Freelancer, but was later promoted to Operations Coordinator.


Wren is first encountered in Black Dawn, but he is only first seen in the Halcyon cutscene. He coordinates the operations of Rose's squad up until The Lakehouse. During Dedication his colder side is revealed as he attempts to assassinate the Freelancer. However he fails and gets executed in the process.

Wren has brown charmer hair along with a black Halcyon operative outfit. He is seen wielding a UP9 in Dedication and is fond of codewords and stealth, as pointed out by the dialogue lines in The Blacksite and The Freelancer.

Overall he seems to be calm and decisive. He speaks in a professional manner and never jokes during important missions. Wren is also very loyal to Halcyon, as he calls it his family.

It is known that he was trained by Jackdaw along with Rose. Jackdaw refers to him in Retribution as a psychopath, saying that he shot Jackdaw as soon as he got orders.

In storyline

Wren's Past

Eric Reed was born in Baltimore, MD in September 19th, 1981.


Reed disappears and a missing persons report is filed. He joins a group of professional thieves.


A group of robbers storm the bank and start cracking the vault which results in a 2-hour standoff between them and SWAT. It ends in a shootout and every robber is killed, however, Wren and his crew were hiding in the bank and used the confusion to take the money and leave the bank disguised as SWAT. They robbed $400,000 from the largest bank in Boston and their group was nicknamed "The Boston Four."


The FBI receives an anonymous tip about The Boston Four and the police ambush Reed's group. Halcyon tracks down Reed, the only survivor, and offers him a position as a field operative, which he accepts. Reed gains the codename of Wren. Wren is diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and receives a more formal education from Jackdaw.

Ember Shroud - May 29th, 2007

Wren, Jackdaw, and Rose are sent on a mission to destroy a building and interrogate/execute Julien Moreau. Jackdaw is shot twice by Wren, but he is saved by Rose. Jackdaw is presumed dead by Halcyon. Rose and Wren received lacerations and burns, but quickly recovered after the mission.

Black Dawn - January 27th, 2012

Wren is the mission coordinator for Black Dawn, although he doesn't appear in the cutscene. The mission goes smoothly, but he loses contact with Rose and the other Halcyon operatives when their escape van is suddenly ambushed by Jackdaw.

The Freelancer (Mission) - January 28th, 2012

After taking notice of a bank robbery committed by The Freelancer, Wren hires them to infiltrate a police station and steal intel related to the raid in Dawn Valley.

Halcyon (Cutscene) - January 28th, 2012

Wren and the Director discuss the reappearance of Jackdaw in Halcyon's headquarters. They come to the conclusion that he wanted to send a message and that he wants revenge. Wren also informs him that Rose was taken to Wargate and the Director orders an immediate rescue.

After the discussion, the Freelancer is called by Wren who offers them a permanent position at Halcyon, which they accept.

The Blacksite - February 19th, 2012

Rose contacts Wren during the escape, calling him to get Falcon to pick up Rose and the Freelancer.

Rose (Cutscene) - February 21st, 2012

Wren is seen complimenting the Freelancer for rescuing Rose.

The Gala - March 16th, 2013

Wren supervises the formal evaluation of Rose's squad in the newly constructed killhouse.

The Lakehouse - April 21th, 2015

Halcyon follows the lead obtained from the Phoenix dead drop and they send the Freelancer to a Phoenix safehouse in Michigan under Wren's and Rose's coordination. They find an abandoned lab, but manage to recover the data from the lab servers.

Dedication - May 16th, 2015

Wren takes the Freelancer to a remote location to bury a body. However, this turns out to be ploy and Wren is actually there to assassinate the Freelancer as Halcyon found out Rose was an informant for Phoenix and wanted to assassinate the rest of her team as a safety precaution. Right as Wren is about to finish them off, he is shot and killed by Jackdaw.

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